Black Lives Matter Mob Hijacks Denver Council Meeting

Profane mob of Black Lives Matter fanatics and their communist allies takeover a Denver Council meeting for about 2.5 hours. The council members totally cave to the mob and let them run the meeting. The extremists promised to come back to meetings every week until the Council had complied with their demands.

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The meeting took place on June 22,2020. The next week the meeting was cancelled and after that the Council has been having virtual meetings, so that the proceedings can be carried on in a civilized manner again without Black Lives Matter intimidation and abuse.

Some where red, Party of Socialism and Liberation shirts. The PSL is a revolutionary Marxist (communist) group.

There are more kinds of supremacy than just racial supremacy. The definition of supremacy is the following.

Supremacy: the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.

Black Lives Matter calls everyone that does not agree with them (racial) “supremacists”, but supremacist is actually what they are. They believe that what they want should overrule everyone else and that it is okay to break the law and even use violence to get what they want. It is a narcissistic, supremacist, cult-like movement.

They blame whites collectively for the last 500 years of history, based solely on the color of our skin. But we are not supposed to hold all Black Lives Matter supporters accountable for lawbreaking, violence, arson and even murder that people do today in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Clearly they have been influenced by anarchistic and communistic domestic terrorist groups from the 1960’s and 70’s, such as the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army.

Notice that there are not many blacks among them, only a few token blacks in an attempt legitimize their anarchism and neo-communism.

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