Operation American Freedom – Impeach Obama / No Amnesty (Photos)

These are some photos from the Operation American Freedom protest in front of the White House on December 10, 2014. It was primarily in opposition to Obama’s dictated amnesty and for his impeachment, conviction and removal. The protest was done in conjunction with the group of sheriffs, who lobbied congressmen to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

Operation American Freedom
No Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest
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Operation American Freedom Photo Gallery

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  1. We are waiting to see when will congress draft impeachment procedure against Obama, What else should this president do to be impeached. Lets not pussy-foot around until we can no longer manage the devastation that these radical might be designing for the western world. Look what the democratic party have done releasing our techniques on how to get the truth from those that want to harm Americans Why would any one in their right mind do such stupid s…t? I see why Hillary Clinton is apologizing to terrorist and wants us to be their friends and or sympathizers Whats their game plan?

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