Republicans Gird To Wage War On The American People

The Republicans in Congress have finally let their mask fall and exposed themselves as liars, cheats and anti-Americans that they are. They did not defund Obama’s criminal amnesty or Obamacare in the so-called Cromnibus budget bill, but they did reportedly increase by an order of magnitude the amount of money the wealthy elites can give to political candidates. They know that ordinary America people are the only thing standing between them and joining with the Democrats to create essentially a one-party dictatorship that will destroy America as we have known it. They are preparing to wage war upon us with the backing of foreign and internationalist gangsters.

This is depressing to a lot of people, but it is actually a positive development. The Republican politicians have been crooked and traitorous for years. It did not just happen over the last few weeks. Americans have puzzled themselves for years over why the Republicans were somehow unable to get anywhere with investigations of the obvious criminal and treasonous behavior of the Obama regime. Now we know and it is obvious. They are in league with Obama and the Democratic leadership. Their publicly-displayed opposition to each other is mostly theater, performed to distract us from their behind the scenes deal-making. It is not about blackmail and threats, but under-the-table pay-offs and lust for power.

Defining a problem is half of the solution. The Republican criminals have finally let us know exactly where we stand. There are over 300 million of us and only a few hundred of these traitors in Congress, even if they are backed by people of immense wealth, who want to control America. They have to swim in this ocean of public opinion. Our task is to rally public opinion against the criminals leading both parties.

It is often not obvious from where a solution to a problem will come. However, if tens of millions of Americans become aware of what the real problem is and begin working to resolve it, a solution will eventually emerge. There is still no human force on earth greater than a unified American public opinion when it is brought to bear. It just needs to be focused on the real problem. Just voting for Republicans is not the solution, unfortunately.

Democrats and Republicans have dominated us by fueling partisan polarization among the public, while both parties were plotting against us behind our backs to sell us down the river. The lies and deceit of the Republicans are the worst, because they pretended to be on our side. A lot of ordinary Americans, who happen to vote Democratic are lately not at all happy with the current state of affairs, either. We need to put aside the bitter partisan attacks on other ordinary Americans that keep us divided and focus more on the real wrong-doers, the corrupt and power-mad politicians of both parties. If they want war with us, let’s give it to them!

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  1. Yes, we have the best Government the chamber of commerce and drug cartel can buy! Sent from my iPhone


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