Live-Streamer Oscar El Blue Outed As Convicted Drug Trafficker

Progressive talk-show host Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Jean Guerrero of the Daily Beast branded several Mexican live-streamers and social-media influencers as racists and Oscar El Blue as a convicted drug smuggler. They are all ethnic Mexicans. Accusing them of being racist against other Hispanics is somewhat ridiculous. However, Oscar has admitted that he was caught smuggling a very large quantity of methamphetamine and that is in the public record in federal court filings. He spent 4 years in prison and was then deported back to his home town of Tijuana, Mexico.

Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez and Anthony Aguero both work for Border Network News and Paloma Zuniga” is well-known as “Paloma for Trump”. Oscar Ramirez also works with Real America’s Voice News and Ben Bergquam. Paloma Zuniga has been associated with “Latinos for Trump”. Paloma was apparently the first person to publicize Oscar’s drug smuggling conviction in social media.

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After the news of his conviction started circulating in social media, Oscar admitted that he was convicted of drug smuggling in 2008. Watch his confession to his viewers in this video below. Much of his long-winded obfuscation and excuses for smuggling drugs have been edited out to leave mainly some background that he provides and his actual confession. The person he is telling to call him to settle the issue is apparently Paloma Zuniga.

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Read the original, two-page complaint against him below. He was caught with 55 pounds of methamphetamine which is a major shipment, a cartel-sized shipment. Someone smuggling that much drugs is doing it for the local cartel.

In his confession on his Facebook page at about 6:00 in the video posted here, he makes it sound like it was his first time, saying he made “one mistake”. On the second page of this complaint below, however, it states that he admitted smuggling drugs three times. However, of course, he has a motivation to minimize the number of times he has smuggled drugs, as well as what they paid him.

25KG of meth is about 250,000 doses of meth, taking one dose to be 0.1 grams. If he smuggled it three times in the same way, that would be enough to intoxicate about 3/4 of a million Americans, The street value of the 55 pounds he was caught with may be as much as a million dollars. So, all together, he probably smuggled several million dollars worth of hard drugs into America in street value, enough to get most of San Diego high.

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Oscar El Blue Complaint

3 thoughts on “Live-Streamer Oscar El Blue Outed As Convicted Drug Trafficker”

  1. Wow! Jean Guerrero, you sound more like a tattle tale. You’re criticizing theses reporters. Let’s see your Lilly white past. No one is worse than some democrats, of which I’m sure you’re one! I am a follower of these people and I think they deserve at least a small chance to report to the people what the MSM refuses to report. I ding Oscar El Blue to be much more credible than someone like you. I sure hope they gave you a baby bottle for your inaccurate report. I would tell you what I think of your nonsense, but it’s best not to on this blog! MAGA!!!! Go Trump!

    1. Anna,
      Wow! So the new thing is to uphold a man that brought 50 pounds of meth into our country to kill our kids? FIFTY POUNDS!!! The Cartel didn’t just allow him to serve his time. You’re foolish if you think he isn’t still tagging with the Cartel.

    2. I just posted his confession here and the complaint on him filed in the federal court records system (called PACER). What’s to argue with? His confession was still on his Facebook page last time I checked, if you want to verify it there. PACER is a little bit awkward to use, but anyone who has the case number can download his records via the Internet from PACER and verify how much dope he was smuggling when he got caught. You can ask Oscar if that is not the right court case. 25KG of meth is about 250,000 doses of meth to poison American kids, taking one dose to be 0.1 grams. It states in the complaint that he said it was his third time to smuggle dope into the US and he likely minimized that.

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