Tijuana Refugee Camp Update And Background Info

These are images (from 4/26/2021) of the refugee camp at El Chaparral pedestrian crossing in Tijuana, also called PEDWEST on the US side. It had been about three weeks since I last took video. Every week it grows a little, but may be starting to stabilize a bit by now, at least until Biden lifts the Covid restrictions and a new wave comes.

One thing that stands out is the lack of nonprofit groups here on this day. No one is serving food or handing out clothes. No information tables. There was, however, a small medical truck nearby. The demand may have just overwhelmed these local groups. You can see in the video that some of the refugees are feeding themselves.

My understanding is that these are new arrivals that have not applied for asylum, yet or crossed the border and been deported. There is another group about the same size, if not larger, in the hills a couple of miles southeast of here at the Ambassadors of Jesus Church in a place called Little Haiti or Scorpion Canyon. People go there who crossed illegally and have been immediately expelled due to Covid restrictions.

These people brought the children because they thought Biden was going to start catch-and-release again, which is based on a Supreme Court agreement from the 1990’s that requires those with children to be released from detainment within 20 days. This Flores Agreement has been weaponized by the progressives, since about 2016. They exploit it as a giant loophole that allows massive numbers of illegal immigrants to gain entry to the US and just disappear by defrauding the asylum process.

Biden eliminated Trump’s rational, remain-in-Mexico policy and started releasing into the US every day hundreds of the 25k asylum seekers to disappear that were sent back to Mexico by Trump to wait for a court ruling. During the Trump term, Title 42, the Public Health and Welfare Law, was put into effect due to Covid, which requires the immediate expulsion of illegal border crossers. Biden has also made exceptions to Title 42 that allows pregnant women and minors, many with Covid, to be released immediately into the US. Biden may lift the Covid restrictions within the next few weeks and reinstate catch-and-release, which should cause another even much bigger rush to the border.

These children are being exploited as human shields, just so the adults can obtain easy access into the US, most to live illegally. This amounts to a form of child trafficking. It’s using children as a commodity in order to obtain some personal benefit, entry into the US, access to better paying jobs and social benefits, or even for criminal profit. The Cartels are also trafficking the adults for the money. Though they claim to be morally superior, progressives and liberals promote this very large trafficking industry, because they believe it benefits them politically and there is a financial benefit for some their organizations. For these reasons they are actively complicit in this human trafficking.

The migrants pay a cartel to transport them here. They may use all their savings, sell their property, borrow from family and friends to get here with some back home thinking they will, in turn, help them come later, or at least send money. The cartel may loan them a part of their charges, too. If the money is not paid back, the person’s family at home could be at serious risk. The borrower may have to do criminal acts to pay back the money.

Such migrants are those who are willing to work with the cartels and are likely to work with them again on the US side of the border. By encouraging this kind of illegal mass migration we are making the cartels stronger, even on our side of the border. In effect, the cartel is in charge of a large part of our immigration policy. They choose who can immigrate to the US and most likely the progressives will make them citizens in the end

The illegal migrants are often illegally in Mexico, too, and could always decide to turn themselves in to Mexican authorities and be deported back to their homeland. But if they do that they will lose all the money they paid the traffickers to get this far. The danger and hardship that they suffered along the way will have been for nothing. This is an investment for most of them and they are very committed to obtaining the pay-off. To allow it to happen, just encourages more to come. The Trump administration actually demonstrated that it could be stopped with a simple political agreement. In the long run, it is much kinder to stop it than to let it continue like this.


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