Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

A coyote and woman describe the details of their plan for her and her two children to be trafficked to the US, presumably to claim asylum. The coyote, of course, works for the smuggling cartels. She is bringing small children, because they are her free ticket into the US when claiming asylum.

Fleeing poverty is not a legal justification to be granted asylum status in the US. So, what usually happens is that they claim asylum just to gain entry and then abandon the asylum process to live illegally in the country.

She talks about being short of money, even to start the journey. What often happens is that the cartel gives them credit. They may have to do something illegal to pay back the loan. The cartel will know where her mother and other children are to make sure that she pays the cartel back. If she doesn’t pay them back her family will be in danger. It is abuse of the children to exploit them in this way. Since she has to pay $5.5k just to start. I suspect the total cost is $11k and half of that will be a loan from the cartel.

The coyote will likely arrange for her to buy a humanitarian visa from a corrupt Mexican official, which makes it much easier to transit Mexico to the US border. The visa also allows her to obtain benefits from the UNHCR (aka the UN refugee agency) as well as other NGO’s, to provide for their basic needs. The UN refugee agency gives them cell phones and debit cards that they can use to withdraw cash from ATM’s to buy items that they cannot obtain from the nonprofits.

Bitchute video – Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

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