Tijuana Fake Refugee Camp Update – March 19, 2021

Status update of the migrant (fake refugee) camp in Tijuana, which has been growing larger by about 20% per week. Support by the United Nations and other international organizations is indicated. Also, the tension between the migrants and local Tijuana residents is evaluated. This camp is very close to the vehicle border crossing going into Mexico and could be the cause of the a riot or another storming of the border as was seen in 2018. A young girl is spotted with an older man, who at least to me does not appear to be her father. You be the judge.

One thought on “Tijuana Fake Refugee Camp Update – March 19, 2021”

  1. Just sickening…they have a country and shouldn’t be invading ours!!…I think they are going to find us much less accommodating now because we want to take care of OUR OWN people and country and thy are not wanted here en-mass especially!! They are bringing all sorts of illnesses as they do not take care of things down there! It is outrageous and mexico should be held accountable for their own not us!!! They have no right here and there are no jobs here for them…go home or better yet stay home!!!! We are sick and tired of paying for millions of a country that just does NOT care for their own!!…but this if NOT your howe,IT IS AMERICANS HOME!!! BOUGHT, FOUGHT, AND PAID FOR LONG AGO…GET OVER IT! wHEN ARE YOU ALL GOING TO REALIZE YOU ARE PAWNS AND BEING USED…STAY HOME AND MAKE SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

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