Rally Against Asylum Fraud / Child Trafficking In San Diego, 3/27

There will be a small rally against mass asylum fraud and the associated child /human trafficking in San Diego. Hundreds of homeless Americans will be booted out of the Convention Center and replaced by the trafficked juveniles and children, starting on Saturday. This will be a peaceful, free-speech, street rally. All are welcome and you can express whatever view you want.

There is nothing personal against the specific persons moving into the Convention Center. People just believe this system of mass asylum fraud, supported by human trafficking by murderous smuggling cartels is incredibly detrimental to having a law-abiding, civil society. Allowing it to take place just promotes the trafficking of many more people.

Saturday, March 27rd, starting at 10am
San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Those coming to the US border to “seek asylum” and be released into the US are generally trafficked here by the cartels, the same drug cartels that kill tens of thousands of people every year, often in the most gruesome way imaginable. Parents hire these cartels to transport their children and youth to the US, because they hope to gain some benefit from it.

The juveniles are often sexually or physically abused along the way and may even be killed. Just the act of putting their kids in the hands of these cartels for such a dangerous and grueling journey is already severe child abuse.

The cartels have been operating in the U.S. for a long time in areas such as drug distribution and money laundering. Releasing so many people into the country that already have a relationship with the cartels, just expands the influence of the cartels in the United States. If they run short of money, many will just call their cartel contact for a quick way to earn some money.

Former president Trump demonstrated that this could be stopped very easily by showing a determination to enforce the immigration law. However, all president Biden had to do to restart it bigger than ever and allow another huge surge in child/human trafficking was to signal that he had no intention of enforcing the law.

The motivation for this terribly misguided, mass-asylum-fraud, political movement is radical progressive politics and plain old financial corruption.

This rally will be to support a return of law enforcement to the border and put an end to the human trafficking and other social ills that go with the border chaos. Real border enforcement saves lives, border chaos kills.

Esther Valdes, an immigration attorney, discusses trafficking of asylum seekers in this interview.

Stop trafficking of these kids by eliminating the incentive to do it.

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  1. YOU ARE the real Americans! Keep up the pressure against the Americans who welcome dangerous foreign military gangs

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