Cartels Tag Illegal Crossers With Payment-Status Bracelets

The flow of thousands of fake refugees daily across the border has forced the cartels to tag illegal crossers with payment status bracelets in order to keep better track of who has paid their crossing fees. Those who cross without paying will be beaten or killed, if caught. This just shows how much the cartels control this illegal, human trafficking business.

Smuggling people into the United States is a form of human trafficking and they call it that in this new report by Univision. The cartels control the entire border on the Mexican side and everyone that crosses illegally is required to pay. The cartels also smuggle people across Mexico and within the United States.

If a would-be border crosser doesn’t pay the necessary cartels in Mexico, he is much more likely to be beaten, abused, kidnapped or murdered. These are the same cartels who smuggle drugs and kill tens of thousands of people in Mexico every year.

Parents turning their children over to organized crime organizations that murder thousands to be smuggled across Mexico into the US is obviously very serious child abuse, but oddly it seems to bother almost no one. Biden, and the organizations that support this flow of trafficked people are guilty of enabling the crime and encouraging more to be trafficked.

Bitchute video – Cartels Tag Illegal Crossers With Payment-Status Bracelets

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