Human Trafficking of Illegal Immigrants In Mexico

This news report describes the terror of 20-days of human trafficking in Mexico. That they put nearly 500 in one trailer seems impossible, but it did not see possible to jam 25 in an SUV as they just did in Holtsville, CA, where recently 13 died in a traffic accident.

These people survived, but the road from Mexico is no doubt littered with the bodies of those who didn’t survive. No one knows about them, because the coyotes will dispose of the bodies anonymously. Anyone that tells about it, may be killed. Their families will only know that they disappeared somehow.

Others may have been kidnapped by the coyotes, especially the pretty young girls and forced to live in sex bondage.

Biden and DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas are responsible for triggering this new wave of illegal migration to the border, which motivated people to put themselves in the hands of cartel smugglers, the same cartels that kill 30k people in Mexico every year. So, they have little concern about human life.

Biden is enriching the cartels and expanding their influence in the United States. With his recent actions, Biden has put the cartels in charge of deciding who can immigrate into the US via the southern border. He has turned the Border Patrol into a welcome wagon for illegal crossers, just another delivery tool for the cartels.

Bitchute Video – Human Trafficking Of Illegal Immigrants In Mexico

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  1. GOOD WORK! Keep up your expose of BIDEN the Pres and his sin Hunter who are being paid by foreign governments to be traitors to the usa

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