Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

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Retired Border Patrolman, Chris Harris, describes how the illegal border crossing is controlled by the cartels and says that the Border Patrol has been co-opted by them. This is a KUSI news report that discusses the tidal wave of unqualified refugees coming across the border in the spring of 2021. Past experience has shown that these “refugees” generally never receive asylum from a court. Most of them are coming to benefit economically and to obtain social benefits. The Biden administration has put a gag order on local Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commands in an attempt to stop embarrassing information about his border treason from becoming public knowledge.

Dan Plante is well-intentioned, but At the end, he is naïve about so-called, unaccompanied minors. They are not really unaccompanied, someone pays the cartel to smuggle them to and across the border. It could be a family member or just someone that wants to have a young person trafficked into the US for whatever reason, which may be for other illegal purposes. Some are not even minors, either. If they cannot prove otherwise, the Border Patrol has to accept as true whatever age they claim to be.

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