Protest Obama Visit to Charlotte – Impeach Obama NOW!

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho Click photo to go to gallery
Earlier Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho
Dictator Obama will visit Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, April 15 to receive the idolization of his followers at ImaginOn in Uptown Charlotte.

Obama to visit Charlotte, discuss issues among working families

Local patriot groups and individuals are requested to join this protest. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest.

If you would like to help organize this protest, send me a message using the contact tab above. If you are interested in participating in this and future protests, please join this group.

Impeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

Keep checking this webpage for updates on time and location. Details are tentative, though the place has been announced.

The start time was changed to 1pm because the following news report says he is scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 1:50pm. His schedule is often not so accurate. So, it is best to get there early, if you can, and be prepared to wait.

Obama to meet with working women in Charlotte

Where:      ImaginOn
            300 E 7th St, 
            Charlotte, NC 28202            
Time:       1:00 pm  (Tentative)          
            Keep checking this page for updates.            
Date:       Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
Parking:    In nearby streets

If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the other protesters. Every person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy. Consider making more than one sign to share with any of your other co-patriots, who may come without one.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Take photos and video. Let this blogger know via the contact tab above, if you have an photos or video to share.

The information above is provided by a remotely-located blogger with no guarantees of how the protest will turn out. It is an opportunity to protest Obama in his presence. It depends on the patriot groups and individual patriots in the area as to what they make of it.

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  1. I would like to join this group to protest Obama when he comes to Charlotte, NC on Wednesday 4/15/2015- can you help?

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