National Monthly Protest – Impeach Obama Now – April, 2015 (video)

Oceanside01This is a report of the national impeach Obama protest held in April. The suggested date of the protest is the 1st Saturday of every month. However, if it is not possible to have it on that date, photos and video of protest on other dates can be included as well. The concept is to grow step by step every month. The participants should commit to protesting multiple months, so that this national protest will take off. We will publicize the results and recruit new organizers every month between protests. Help spread the word recruit new event hosts and participants. To find a state group, use this link:

State Group Directory

If you are thinking about hosting a protest, contact me via the “contact” tab at the top of this page. Or, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


A national cable news network reported on our protest in April, The Daily Ledger talk show of the One America News network (OANN). OANN is a new cable news network, which has a mandate from its owner to cover those, who have not had a voice before. Their talk shows are targeted at the patriot movement. To find out how to receive OANN on your cable, go to their website.


This is collection of some of the video sent to us by organizers in four towns of the approximately 12 towns that held protests. Organizers are encouraged to send video of events, in order to help promote the protests on YouTube as well as to submit for potential future cable news broadcasts. Short video clips can be e-mailed and clips that are too large for e-mail can be sent via a service, such as

Below are photos or video of individual protests.

Austin, TexasImpeach Obama NOW! – Texas

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Charlotte, North CarolinaImpeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

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Lake Oswego, OregonImpeach Obama NOW! – Oregon

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Oceanside, California (San Diego, County)Impeach Obama NOW! – California

Pastor Clark was a passerby, who provided a short statement. One of his church members was passing out literature on the same corner as our protest.

Patriot Pastor Clark Interview of West Coast Baptist Church

Sacramento, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

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San Antonio, TexasRiver City Tea Party Patriots

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Simi Valley, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – Simi Valley

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These towns had a protest, but have not yet sent any photos or video this time. Photos are from previous events (file photos).

Indianapolis, IndianaProtest Obama – Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana

Las Vegas, NevadaImpeach Obama NOW! – Nevada

Solo Protest on Las Vegas Strip Just getting started and looking for help
Solo Protest on Las Vegas Strip
Just getting started and looking for help

Memphis, TennesseeImpeach Obama NOW! – Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee

Royal Oak Michigan (Detroit)Impeach Obama NOW! – Michigan

No photos, so far.

Victoria, TexasVictoria/ Port Lavaca / Port O’Connor Patriots


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  1. wish they had impeached the man years ago. the fools who elected him are now going to elect Clinton another traitor to this nation and another person we cannot trust to serve the American people . I ask my self what is wrong with Americans. yes IMPEACH OBAMA

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