Impeach Obama NOW Protest – Indianapolis, Photos and News Articles

Obama Protesters at Indianapolis
Obama Protesters at Indianapolis
These are a couple of news articles by the Indystar and a gallery of photos of the protest. Obama talked at the main campus of Ivy Tech Community Collage about “middle class economics” in the “Corporate College, Conference Center and Culinary Arts Center” The protest was widely advertised in the Indianapolis area and the Indiana state group of “Overpasses for America” joined in the protest, a great example of patriot groups working together unselfishly for the common cause.

Protest video

Protest Photo Album

Awaiting Obama, 2 worlds collide on the same corner

Cheers and Jeers for Obama’s Motorcade – The Indystar

Anti-Obama Protest Continue to Grow

The talk was closed to the public and the details of the talk were actually never released to the public. These appeared to be tactics taken to minimize the likelihood of any anti-Obama protests that may have been planned. However, it did not stop our protest. Recently, there have been relatively small protests of Obama’s visits have broken out in Boise, Lawrence (Kansas) and Phoenix. Team Obama seems to be concerned that these protests of his personal appearance may spread and grow out of control and for that reason they are taking measures to suppress them.

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