Organizers Roundtable – Impeach Obama NOW! (2/8/2015)

This is the conference call for February 8th, 2015, with the following agenda.

Listen here

– Protest of Obama’s visit to Indianapolis last Friday
– First recurring protest in Oceanside, California on Saturday
– How to start nationwide recurring protests
– Liaison reports (What other groups may be doing of interest)

2 thoughts on “Organizers Roundtable – Impeach Obama NOW! (2/8/2015)”

  1. I want him impeached. But i am home bound but good on the computer. What can i do to help impeach Obama?

    1. Diane, Right now, you can share links like this around and tell people what we are trying to do. Where do you live? You can also call in next time and talk to people about what you can do. I added you to my email list. Let me know, if you do not want that.

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