No Amnesty – Sample Letter / E-Mail to Congress

Illegal Alien Invaders
Illegal Alien Invaders
This is a sample letter/E-mail that can be sent to your representatives and senators opposing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

This is just meant as a starting point. Copy as is, or modify and edit the text as you wish. Then, e-mail or mail it to your representative and both of your state’s senators. It only takes a few minutes to contact all three of your congressmen. Whether they answer you or not, their staff gives them a summary of what the voters are saying. The more anti-amnesty e-mails, letters and calls they receive, the better.

Time is short, they could ram this 850-page amnesty bill monstrosity down our throats as soon as a couple of weeks from now, just the way that they did Obamacare and some shameless Republican politicians openly support amnesty.

Here is a link where you can obtain the contact info for your congressmen.

Contacting Congress

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman (SoandSo),

I believe that giving amnesty or a “pathway to citizenship” to those, who came here illegally would be actually a criminal violation of the Constitution and our national sovereignty by this Congress. It is said that 11 million illegal aliens are currently residing in the United States. This same number has been used for a number of years and the true number is certainly much higher that that. Some estimate that the number is as high as 30-40 million. This is truly an outrageous invasion and must be stopped.

Whatever the number is, giving 10, 20 or 30 million illegal aliens US citizenship will shift the balance of political power forever in my opinion. It does not matter, if they receive citizenship in 5 years or 10 years. Those, who came here illegally do not deserve citizenship and I expect the Congress to uphold the law and protect our national sovereignty.

There was a previous amnesty in 1986 and the politicians claimed then that it would resolve the illegal immigration problems once and for all. Of course, it did not resolve anything and another amnesty will not, either. The number of illegal aliens now in the US is at least 10 times higher than in 1986. Another amnesty will just encourage an even greater number of illegals to come here in the future, as the amnesty in 1986 did.

True immigration reform would be about moving illegal aliens back to their home countries, discouraging others from coming and greatly reducing the enormous number of illegals residing here. That is what I want Congress to do and not ignore this mass invasion of illegal immigrants or reward them with benefits and citizenship those, who broke our immigration law to come here.


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  1. Obama is trying to step over Congress. and force his own laws upon the American people.he is a dissrespect and mess. he don’t have any rights to try and change our laws. he is trying to change our 2 amendment. our right to bare arms!!! that down right dirty!!! he need to be removed from the white house by military force!!

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