April 19th – Patriot Wave Protests

These are a couple of videos from the last “Patriot Wave” on April 19th. Thanks to those who are still out there trying and uploaded video of their events, because you can’t stand up and hide-out (in closed Facebook groups) at the same time.

Overpasses for America has dropped the emphasis on impeaching Obama from their goals and that may be a part of the reason that enthusiasm for the effort has waned. The IRS required that they de-emphasize impeachment of the Dear Leader in order to receive non-profit status and the leadership willingly complied.

For these reasons formation of independent, local groups is encouraged for those, who still want to seriously work for Obama’s impeachment and removal. Any national organization for Obama’s impeachment can be intimidated and/or corrupted, as with “Overpasses for America,” formerly known more boldly as “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment,” before Obama’s IRS agents ordered them to drop the offending words from their name. To remove Obama from office will take time and persistence by many at the local level.

April Wave “Holding Their Feet to the Fire”

Overpasses For America – Lima, Ohio 04192014 Mr. Tom

Overpasses for America in Lima, Ohio – Jerry Rupert (Former Marine)


One thought on “April 19th – Patriot Wave Protests”

  1. For those (spineless folks), that have put collecting “contribution” over Impeaching Obama, I say to hell with you(!), you are nothing but a bunch of money hungry RINO’s at best. To the wood pile you go! Wake up Conservatives(RINO’s need not apply!), there’ work to do – Impeach Obama. Hear that Congress, Impeach Obama, and, Repeal Obamacare, NOW! Dan

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