Jail Hillary Protest in La Jolla

Scenes of the Jail Hillary protest at Irwin Jacobs home in La Jolla, California on August 7th, 2015. Irwin Jacobs in the Jewish co-founder of Qualcomm, a manufacturer of cell phone components. He contributed over $2 million to Obama Super PAC’s. The cost of a seat at this fundraiser was $1-2.7k.

Qualcomm does a lot of international business and Jacobs is said to support sovereignty-destroying international trade agreements, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership. That appears to be why he is so interested in buying influence with politicians.

Hillary Clinton campaign holds breakfast in La Jolla by La Jolla Light

Two local news reports by the CBS and the Fox media outlets.

Andres Wong says why he thinks Hillary Clinton should never become president.

Photos of the event.

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2 thoughts on “Jail Hillary Protest in La Jolla”

  1. A Lie Named Hillary

    I don’t detest Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. I oppose her because she cannot tell the truth to save her life. Any public servant who has the gall to issue a list of terms the media can’t utter, as if they are above such inconveniences, is helplessly deluded and a petulant child. Sorry, Hillary, but no one owes you anything; especially the nation you proclaim to serve with nothing but the benevolence of blind ambition. If your candidacy cannot survive without the aid of deception, division, and the fabricated catcalls of “sexism” to demonize your critics, then please tell us why America needs you? Better yet, please explain how you’re even worthy of a job? A leader does not need a panel of advisors, two news conferences and a room full of media drones just to announce whether or not she used an unauthorized server to conduct official government business and therefore deleted emails in an attempt to avoid prosecution. And a leader does not say “what does it matter” when four lives are lost in the wake of her unmitigated failure. Any self-respecting adult with an ounce of integrity would simply admit the truth. Excuse me, any self-aware child who knows the difference between right and wrong, life and death.
    If I’m hiring someone to run my business, placing my future in their hands, I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, a man or woman, white or black. I want the most qualified candidate whose character speaks for itself and whose ideals can stand on the merits of their own wisdom. That’s common sense. Are you going to have the audacity to tell me what I can and can’t ask; what verbiage is acceptable? If your resume and vision are truly best for the entire nation, not just one party, gender or race, either should be able to withstand the most blistering scrutiny and exhaustive research. In fact, you should welcome the discourse to discredit your detractors and display your competence. A leader unites, empowers and inspires by example, not excuses. Tell me the national debt is a record 18 trillion and that Barack Obama has raised it more than the first 42 presidents combined. Admit that 93 million Americans are out of the workforce, nearly 50 million are on public assistance, and that the economic recovery is a sham. Admonish Iran as destabilizing force of Islamic radicalism that must never be mentioned in the same sentence as “nuclear power’. Recognize every civilized nation has immigration laws and that American sovereignty, the safety and security of her people, supercedes any political ploy to stuff the ballot box. Yes, just like generations of legal immigrants before your candidacy, respect is given when trust is earned. If you are incapable of acknowledging simple, documented truths – solely because it’s easier to hide behind a propaganda platform that cajoles and incites an expendable public – you’re not interested in solving anything, let alone serving the American people or any notion of rationale thought. You’re the cancer killing the country I love. You’re the lie my forefather’s never told.

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