Impeach Obama Protest – Plan of Action (Draft)

Obama KingThe movement to impeach Obama is not a formal group, so a concrete, specific and detailed “action plan” cannot be written. This is a high level draft overview of the actions necessary to develop a vigorous protest effort for the impeachment, conviction of Obama and his removal from office. The purpose is to start a discussion and to help unify people on the direction to take.

Many conservatives think that protests and boycotts are ineffective and a tactic of the left, but the colonialists used protests and boycotts against the King, before the revolution. The purpose of protest is to publicly demonstrate support for the issue and to rally other like-minded people to the cause. Nothing impresses politicians as much as large numbers of people in the streets, because they fear where such a movement might go, ultimately they fear for their treasonous necks.

The pre-revolutionary colonialists protested the King by burning him in effigy and dumping Tea in Boston Harbor. They also boycotted many British goods, which were taxed without their consent and representation. Obama has done much the same thing, by making sweeping new immigration law by decree without the approval of our representatives in Congress, in fact against their declared will, as well that of most of the public.

The colonialists often burned King George in effigy in protest of his imposing the  illegal Stamp Act
The colonialists often burned King George in effigy in protest of his imposing the illegal Stamp Act
Organization – Protest groups should be organized a lot like a militia, only without the guns, from the bottom up. Groups of volunteers should be started and organized first locally and then they can be connected to each other regionally and nationally. Such groups should be doing protests periodically as drill, to stay active and to develop group cohesion. It should be an all-volunteer effort, because funded organizations are limited by IRS regulations and federal election laws in what they can do and say in opposition to politicians, even to would-be dictators.

There is a learning curve to protesting. You cannot form an army without platoons and divisions. Neither can you have successful national protests without local protest groups. There are been several recent attempts to organize anti-Obama protests nationally by just creating a Facebook page and shamelessly overhyping the effort. These have pretty much failed across the board, sometimes miserably.

The Tea Party had 2-3 thousand organized local groups, before they did their march on Washington, D.C. At this point we have a few dozen local groups organizing for a protest movement for impeachment, conviction and removal. We need to become much more organized locally.

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston
Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston
When you have active, local groups, these groups can respond on short notice when there is a sudden need for a protest, for instance, if Obama or some other allied villain is visiting your area. In the last year or so, it has been shown than a vigorous in-his-face protest can be produced on short notice, when there are active protest groups in the area. Such protests are much more practical to produce than a national protest in Washington, D.C. However, activist groups in the area must be prepared for it. Obama should be protested in every town that he visits and the media is always present in large numbers when he makes a visit. The following are examples.

Anti-Amnesty / Impeach Obama NOW Protest Rocks Las Vegas (November, 2014)

Impeach Obama NOW Protest – UCI Commencement – Angel Stadium (June, 2014)

Impeach Obama Now Protest at Fundraiser in La Jolla (May, 2014)

Impeach Obama, Protesters Greet Obama In Phoenix (August, 2013

Though it has been been much advertised in the media hundreds of protestors have shown up to protest his fundraisers or speeches in recent months. As more and more people become disillusioned and outraged by his actions it should be possible to grow the crowds of protesters yet much larger. We want to see a huge protest soon at one of his events.

Publicity – Take photos or video of your events and post them on friendly blogs — such as this one — with a link to your group or your contact info in order to help in recruiting and to encourage other groups. A list of active groups should be maintained on one or more websites.

When Obama visits a town, the local media generally make everyone in the area aware of it. Details of the protest need to be posted as soon as possible on the Internet, so that people can see there will be a protest of the visit when they Google for it. Activists all across the country and the public, in general, ought to be trained to expect that, if King Obama visits their town, there will be a lively protest that goes with it. Then, people wherever he appears will be primed to look for the details on the Internet and head down to the protest site, whether they are part of a group or not. Small protest groups can be the seed of a much larger protest in such a situation.

Organizers should be at the event early with extra signs, so that those that drive by will stop and join the protest.

Boycotts – At this time, businesses that obviously use illegal aliens should be avoided. Use your own judgment about it, while the Government still allows you to make some of your own personal decisions of your own free will. You do not have to patronize businesses that appear to you to be employing large numbers of illegal aliens. Ask the manager, if he uses e-verify to check the status of his employees. Most do not, but it will put him on notice that he is losing business.

A boycott can be more effective, if one business or sector is singled out. This is the kill-a-chicken-to-frighten-the-monkeys principle. If one business of sector is hurt other businesses will take that as a warning. Such a business has not yet been identified, bus is a possibility for the future. Give us your suggestions.

Conclusion – Americans can do anything, if they set their minds to it. We will not be subjugated so easily by the likes of Obama. Certainly, we can force Obama out of office, if enough people work for it. However, it will not be accomplished by one event or in a short time. You have to be committed for the longer term and to work hard for it.

Americans have to stop being so passive and waiting for someone else to do something. Be proactive. Look around and see what you can do in your local area to help the cause.

Leave your comments and and questions. This draft can be updated periodically with more specific information.

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