James Neighbors At Impeach Obama NOW Protest In Las Vegas

This image is a little ironic and humorous, at least to this blogger, because this is James Neighbors (in cowboy hat) of “Overpasses for America” Holding an “Impeach Obama NOW” sign at the recent protest in Las Vegas. He was touted by some as “a” if not “the” main organizer, but showed up late with no signs, no nada. So, he just grabbed one of mine. This is a bit poetic to me in its irony, because we here in SoCal got Neighbors started in protesting on Overpasses. He has declared lately that he would never work with us and often accuses me of taking credit for his work, stealing his “stuff” and being a “troll.”

James Neighbors displays “Impeach Obama NOW” sign in Las Vegas

He does not like to admit that I (Roger Ogden) helped him start his group. Yet, here he is, displaying one of my signs. I was actually the first person he hoodwinked in his Overpasses scam. I checked after the event and it appears that he filched the sign. Hahaha. See my video of the event below. It was a great protest. Most of the signs with large print, like the one James is holding, are my overpass signs.

5 thoughts on “James Neighbors At Impeach Obama NOW Protest In Las Vegas”

  1. Sounds like someone else we all know. Says he is an organizer, but shows up to protest with nothing in hand. BTW James you sure do not look too disabled to me. You are just another pathetic POS using the system. Love ya, mean it. NOT!

  2. Gomer needs to quit fighting with patriot’s like Roger Ogden, who actually get’s things done! He either needs to help with the protest or GET OUT OF THE WAY! Gomer tried to stop our Indiana protest, because Roger started the event first! He called Roger a troll and asked everyone to block him and I was blocked from the Indiana page just for trying to make an event happen. All Gomer wanted to do was fight and put down A TRUE PATRIOT! A BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU ROGER FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH THE INDIANA PROTEST!!

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