And then there was one – Obama

And then there was one – Obama

The Obama tornadoes wreak destruction everywhere as he and his minions prune, trim and reshape America.  He and his demolition team could care less about broken legs and ripped off arms here and there.  The lights are humming and buzzing as the Obama monster is getting ready to get up from the table and finish the job.  Will we let him?  I won’t insult Frankenstein.  I would prefer him to the Obama monster being built.Where is the Obama vision taking us

Schools – There will be only one – Common Core

Everything must be one – controlled and shaped by Obama and his handlers.  As in the days of Adolph Hitler, Obama must take over the minds and futures of our children.  He will rise up and army of obedient ‘Stepford wives’ happily serving big Government and Obama.  They will stop dreaming about becoming a Doctor, Firefighter, Pastor or Teacher.  They will only think of their appointed place in the ‘Global Community’  ‘Private-Public Partnerships’ and latest ‘redistribution of wealth scheme ordered by Obama and his staff.  Commentator and investigative journalist  Sher Zieve (regular on my national radio show each Monday) captured this Nazi spirit beautifully in her article.

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