100 Million Americans Want Obama Impeached

No one should be fooled by the media spin put on the recent CNN/ORC poll, which showed that 33% of Americans want Obama impeached. This is five percent more that wanted Bush impeached, even though the media was very much biased against Bush. At the same time the media is constantly propagandizing in favor of Obama. Even 13% of Democrats want Obama impeached. This is bad news for Obama and the Democrats.

Neither the crooked Republican nor the crooked Democrat leaderships want Obama impeached, because they are both paid by much the same string-pullers, who put Obama in office. However, if there is a great shift in public opinion for impeachment and removal of Obama, the politicians will not be able to ignore it.

This is why the Democrats and Republicans are working together to suppress talk and suppress protest for impeachment in my opinion. Obama does not really want a serious impeachment effort. The White House is just spreading misinformation to try to make people to stop talking about it and protesting for it.

If contributors are giving more money, due to talk of impeachment, it is because they are in a panic about the rising tide of people who want Obama removed from office. There should be more demands and protests before the election for impeachment, not less.

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