Media Strikes Back At Illegal-Alien Protest Oganizers Gheen and Neighbors

The NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. attacks the organizers of the so-called, National Day of Protest Against Illegal Immigration. See link below for details.

Underpants and Overpasses: Immigration Protest Organizers Include Longtime Obama Critics

This just shows that the media is feeling vulnerable, otherwise they would just ignore it as usual. That means many more people should come out and keep pouring it on. I would just say the protests should be more about impeaching Obama for many reasons, especially of late the reason of the orchestrated Illegal Alien Invasion.

The attack was done on a local station, because Obama’s media toadies fear the protest could get out of hand, if they attack them on the broadcast media. It would just attract many more protesters. Would be good, if more independent, Tea Party or other groups join in, because then the media won’t know whom to attack.

Protesting against poor people, even when they come here illegally, gives the illegal-alien supporters a propaganda advantage. That is most probably one of the reasons why children were encouraged to come in the first place.

Protesting against Obama is easier to defend, because even some of Obama’s base is fed up with him lately. Obama created the conditions that encouraged a certain class of people to cross the border illegally. Obama is the Child-Abuser-in-Chief because he has encouraged people to send their children on this extremely risky journey to the US.

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