Congress Is Complicite in Obama’s Crimes

A large part of the reason that it is so difficult to hold Obama responsible for his crimes is that the Congressional leadership of both parties have collaborated with him and protected the traitor, Obama, from being brought to justice. The top politicians have been bought off somehow. It is not fear of Obama that causes them to remain unresponsive. It is simply greed.

Obama was not vetted in the first place. That was the Republicans’ job as well as that of the Congress and the treasonous media. There are real questions about his eligibility that were simply ignored. His subversive background was also in large part ignored. Even the so-called conservative media did not report, discuss openly and explain what they should have.

The Congressional leadership knows that ultimately their heads will roll right after Obama’s head rolls, so to speak. (Speaking metaphorically here, dear SS agents.)

A peaceful impeach-Obama movement needs to grow so large that it can no longer be ignored by the public and the broadcast media. If that happens, Katy bar the door. Watch the politicians run for cover in panic. They already know full well what Obama has done and that they are also guilty. They won’t want to go down with the psychopathic criminal, Obama. When the ice starts to break there will be an avalanche of change. A rush to change sides will occur, because the People are a huge force, once aroused, due to your sheer numbers.

You, as ordinary Americans acting together, can do this. We are getting close to that point. It will be historic. The Founders intended the last line of defense for the Constitution to be the People, not a co-opted Supreme Court or a corrupted Congress. Keep protesting for Obama’s removal from office. There are cracks in the ice starting to appear already.

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