Keeping the Embers Glowing of Obama’s Impeachment

It is much more difficult to organize protests against Obama than it is about single issues. There is a social stigma that goes along with protesting against the president. Some see the occupant of the office as a symbol of the country. (I know, the thought makes me ill, also.)

People are afraid that they will be condemned by friends and associates. Businessmen are worried that they will lose customers. Protesters are verbally abused and even physically threatened at times.

For this reason people should not be so discouraged by light turnouts at protests, but should keep right on working to try to expand them and make it better. Be proud that you have any turn out. There are people all over the country that are so concerned and dedicated that they are protesting solo, by themselves. Do not give up hope.

The situation was similar when Nixon was president. There were huge protests against the war, but only a smattering of signs in the crowd calling for Nixon’s impeachment. Most of the protests targeted for Nixons impeachment were small. There was only one fairly large protest on the Mall, which had about 10K participants. Nixon still ended having to resign under threat of impeachment for offenses that are minor compared to those Obama has committed.

Small impeach-Obama protests are like a smoldering fire, that could flare up at the right moment. Since it represents a direct attack on a leading politician that could lead to something bigger, even a small group of protesters has a significant impact. That is why Obama toadies try so hard to marginalize and discourage impeach-Obama protesters.

You know you are having an impact, because it disturbs them so much. We just have to keep those embers glowing until the right time comes along. Just having an active impeach-Obama movement helps keep Obama contained, but he CAN be impeached and removed, if people will work for it. There has to be a major shift in the public mood and protests can help do that.

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