The Murrieta Protest From a Different Angle

This clip shows that there was a very large presence of Spanish-language media at the Murrieta protest. This is not usual for ordinary anti-illegal immigration protests. Rumor has it that the transport of illegal aliens to Murrieta for resettlement in the US began six months earlier in January of 2014, but was done at night under the cover of darkness. The arrival was changed to daytime and the news of the arrival leaked to patriot groups, which triggered the Murrieta protest.

At the larger protest three days later a group of anarchic-communist agitators were present, who were trying to provoke a violent confrontation by desecrating the US flag and by picking a fight with anti-illegal-immigration protesters.

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  1. Awesome video! It was a great day and doing the Obama chorus line and shuffle with Dan was the other highlight of the day! Hats off to all of you who joined us…amazing things happen when Americans unite!!

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