Trump Mock Hanging In Chicano Park At Rep Vargas Event

Trump was hanged in Effigy at Chicano Park in San Diego when Congressman Vargas and local politicians were having a media conference in protest of his visit. Congressman Juan Vargas and his Raza cohort, Council-member Georgette Gomez, declared Trump to be “NOT WELCOME!” at Chicano Park, the day before he viewed the Border Wall prototypes on 3/13/2018. They are both running for Congress in 2020. Vargas is running for re-election in CA-51 and Gomez is running for a vacate position in CA-53. There was also a mock hanging of Trump performed at the event as they were speaking, Chicano Park is a subversive, anti-American, public park in San Diego that promotes Chicano racial nationalism and communism using local, state and federal tax money for the last several decades.

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To see more videos about Chicano Park, go to this link:
Chicano Park and Raza Supremacy

6 thoughts on “Trump Mock Hanging In Chicano Park At Rep Vargas Event”

  1. Congressman Juan Vargas and cohort, Council-member Georgette Gomez what a disrespectful thing to say about our president. I hope God almighty steals your your win and glory away. You clearly don’t deserve it with such a hateful and immature gesture. This speaks volumes about your hatred

  2. This is the USA! Take your racism back to Mexico. If it’s so terrible here, why do we need a wall, to keep people IN? Try hanging the MEXICAN President in Tijuana, hope you’re bulketproof!

    1. Juan Vargas is a typical corrupt california democrat politician who thinks his congressional district extends south to Anarctica.

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