BLM Radical Pepper-Sprays 9 Police, Found Not Guilty

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Denzel Draughn is an organizer for Black Lives Matter in San Diego, who pepper-sprayed nine policemen. He resides in Indiana and has an extensive criminal record in Ohio. He has been charged with a number of misdemeanors and two felonies in Ohio, according to a report by an internet service, White Pages.

UPDATE: On 12/9/2021, a jury in San Diego found Denzel “not guilty” of spraying the police officers even though there is video showing him doing it as seen above. The rational for the “innocent” verdict was that he was protecting fellow BLM radicals, who were brawling with the police.

Denzel Draughn may have an outstanding felony arrest warrant in Ohio or may be subject to federal prosecution for crossing state lines to participate in a riot. His $750K bail seems very reasonable. This criminal should not be able o obtain an easy release on bail.

In this event, the police stopped the driver of a SUV that was bringing up the rear of the march for running a red light. An abusive, profane, hostile and threatening mob gathered around the police as they questioned the driver. One policemen held up a can of pepper spray to ward off the mob. A person tried to slap the can out of his hand and the policeman sprayed him.

That started a melee and the police are arresting that man when this clip above starts. A can of pepper spray somehow becomes loose and rolls onto the sidewalk. Draughn picks up the can and sprays the group of policemen arresting the first man.

He was booked on 9 charges of obstruction of a police officer, 9 charges of using tear gas against a police officer and one of possessing a tear-gas projectile device. This event was on August 28, 2020.

His Black Lives Matter comrades are calling him a “hero”, but he seems to be acting just as a police-hating criminal and anarchistic, ideological fanatic. Criminals seem to be common among the hard-core instigators in our local black lives matter movement and probably elsewhere, as well.

Black Lives Matter is a criminal, terroristic, revolutionary movement. In San Diego they have burned two banks and another major building in La Mesa. They have looted numerous businesses and vandalized property all over the San Diego County. They have assaulted, harassed and abused police as well as ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

Because they have a peaceful event every once in a while, does not erase their numerous crimes committed at other events. Many of them deserve to be arrested and sent to prison. Hopefully, now that San Diego courts are beginning to open again, this will become more possible going forward.

Of course, the police had a legal right to arrest the first man and to use reasonable force to do it. Reportedly, ten people were ultimately arrested in this incident. Their own, threatening mob tactics turned what would have been at most a traffic ticket into many serious felony charges for multiple persons, not just Denzel Draughn.

If the police were using more force than normal, it was due to the presence of the angry mob trying to interfere with them. Denzel Draughn could be facing decades in prison due to his own fanaticism and that of his comrades. BLM’s mob rule concept is not equivalent to the legal authority of the police, sorry.

You can see more video of this episode at these links. Liz Jones shows the traffic stop that was swarmed by a threatening mob of Black Lives Matter protesters.

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The NBC7 shows aerial footage of the first man in fatigues trying to slap the pepper spray out of the hand of the police officer.

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25 thoughts on “BLM Radical Pepper-Sprays 9 Police, Found Not Guilty”

  1. these people are dumb as fuck. havent accomplished anything in their lives, blame others for it, then risk life in prison for a cause nobody gives a fuck about. what a bunch of worthless lunatics. and it has nothing to do with their skin color. In fact blacks are OVERREPRESENTED in our media and corporations, as they are only 13% of the US population, but cause 75% of the crime.

    And in 2019 only 9 unarmed blacks were shot by police. Just 9. Only two of those were ruled homicide by the courts.

    Also George Floyd died of an overdose as he ate his stash of drugs when the cops rolled up on him. No bruising or damage to his neck/windpipe.

    But these idiots dont read a damn thing. And think they’re going to be part of the revolution, when ALL their activities are tracked via NSA through regional fusion centers.

    Just completely incompetent, unknowing and have nothing to live for.

    Did they get the short end of the stick? Yeah. Old rich white men created the rap scene and put them on parade via MTV/BET for their own sick twisted pleasure.

    That community has gotten shit on for sure. But acting this way and causing violence in peaceful san diego is the worst idea. It’s a red area and nobody wants that shit there.

    These people should be executed for their crimes in anarchy against the United States.

    Just my opinion. I have sympathy, but only for those who choose to do the right things most of the time. You have the best tool in your pocket out of all our ancestors. If you use it like an idiot, you took the bait and your consequences are already catching up to you.

    Individual choices are what make America great. Don’t bring it down simply because you don’t like to read. Fucking adults my ass.

  2. The only protester that seems to have any common sense was that kid with the skateboard that was running like hell to get out of that situation.

  3. I am not have I ever been affiliated with black lives matter. I am a proud member of the African People’s Socialist Party NOT blm, get your facts straight. They’re other inconsistencies in this fan page article but none that I care to correct.

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