Black Lives Matter Terrorist Charged with 19 felonies

Denzel Draughn was arrested in San Diego on August 29th at a Black Lives Matter protest and booked on 19 felonies. The charges are nine counts of obstruction/ resisting arrest, nine counts of use of tear gas against an officer and one count of possession of a tear gas projectile weapon.

Apparently, since they terrorized the police chief’s own neighborhood the other night and attacked one of his neighbors, it’s no more “Mr. Nice Guy” with the SDPD for the Black Lives Matter terrorists. If you pepper spray an entire crowd of cops, you could be in serious trouble.

According to a White Pages report, Denzel Draughn has an extensive criminal record in Ohio. Mostly, misdemeanors, but there appear to be two outstanding felony charges from three years ago in Ohio. Scroll down to see the report. If he has unresolved charges in another state, that may be why his bail has been set so high, because he would be a flight risk.

Because his current address is still in Indiana, it raises the possibility that he crossed state lines to participate in Black Lives Matter riots in San Diego. If true this could be an additional federal offense.

The local media has completely ignored this story, so far. I think the reason is probably because our local politicians want to sweep this under the rug and let this terrorist off the hook. We have learned in the past that local politicians sometimes give the media outlets directives and our traitor media has always been enamored with BLM to begin with. Thanks to those who have already taken up this story.

This case really needs high visibility on the internet, national attention, so the local media cannot continue to suppress and censor news about it. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. Please feel free to reuse anything in this post. The photo is not mine, but it was posted in the Internet. So, probably can be re-used for the purpose of news. If you need anything, contact me via the contact tab at the top. The photo displayed was obtained from a flyer for a protest to get him released from jail and is therefore presumably his image.

This is the info on the “Who’s in jail” website. Use the arrows on the bar at the bottom to see all the charges. His bail was originally set at $750K, then was reduced to $200K as shown on his info below. However, on the Sheriff’s website, it has been raised again back to $750K.

Denzel Draughn – San Diego Sheriff Who’s In Jail

This is the White Pages report on Denzel Draughn. Use the arrows at the bottom of the frame to page through the report. White Pages does not claim to always be 100% accurate and reliable, so you have to keep that in mind.

White Pages Report – Denzel Draughn

Black Lives Matter archive

25 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Terrorist Charged with 19 felonies”

  1. Protesters become terrorists when they yell in the face of someone or cause fear. They need to be treated as terrorists, because that is what they really are no matter what the MSM states.

    1. This is a dictionary definition of terrorism. It may not mean that they fit the legal definition and the government may not designate them as such, but it is still correct to call them “terrorists”. They ARE using violence and threats for political purposes.

      terrorism [ ter-uh-riz-uhm ] – the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

  2. Local news not covering this for fear it will spread are only trying to keep the blinders on their sheep. These revcoms will not stop their little communist revolution lightly.

    Those that just want this to go away are only kicking the can down the road. I saw this coming in 1996 when I watched 1/3 of my high school classmates lured to communism by our own teachers. This has only spread and will continue to spread. They don’t even hide their attempts to influence the school systems and teachers anymore.

    It used to just be communist propaganda in english class. Now we have RevCom clubs around the country and in your schools you have CAIR and BLM either coordinating with those already inside or threatening those not on their side to go along with ‘the plan’.

    Meanwhile the DOJ and the FiB don’t see the systemic marxism that is churning out these activists ‘Violent communist revolutionaries’ as a problem.

    We all need to get out and VOTE IN PERSON!

    We need to keep an eye on these teachers.

    We need to stand for our Flag and we need to fight systemic marxism everywhere.

      1. Agreed! I’m in OC and remember how they stole the county in the last election with wave after wave of their harvested ‘stuffed’ ballots that came in after election night.

      1. They are one of many socialist/marxist/communist groups in the US. If you look up ‘revcom’ on google it will show you many others. Most of them are affiliated with outside groups like China/Maduro.

        The interesting one lately is BLM which appears to have Islamic actors pretending to be ‘trained marxists’. Leading small groups of highly trained terrorists surrounded by useful idiots and the criminals recently let out of jail due to covid.

        They don’t have the numbers they need at this level and you can tell, because they stay where wheeler and other friendly DAs won’t prosecute them. This article is a case in point. No way will San Diego be taken down and OC is ready to fight too. This is just the beginning though. They have yet to activate those inside the gov system or their cartel/islamic wings.

        OC and San Diego need to be ready to work together against LA and the rest of their liberal bastions. Many of us here grew up in military towns and many of us in these SoCal towns still love our Constitution.

      2. Ethnic and racial “liberation movements” have been a part of communism for a long, long time. As long as it’s not white, ethnic and racial identity movements are perfectly compatible with communism, though they may themselves be racial supremacist. Marx said in the Communist Manifesto that communists would ally with any group, whose goal is to bring down the system.

        This is a recent, neo-communist, revolutionary speech in El Cajon, Ca. Notice the entire crowd applauds his calls to bring down the system.
        Revolutionary Speech At Black Lives Matter Rally, El Cajon

  3. Interesting. So he gets the terrorist label for doing exactly what the police are doing to all the protestors? I’m not saying either side is right in their actions but is this not a double standard?

    Beyond this, why aren’t the police going after the looters? At least this guy was acting for a reason, looters were causing damage to innocent people’s places of work and property only for the benefit of themselves.

    Lastly, why in the world are protesters being called terrorists in America?? That’s a middle eastern move! Are you guys seriously saying that anyone who exercises their constitutional right to protest is a terrorist?? Is there anything less American than protesting?

    1. Only another criminal would equate police and criminals. The “protesters” are being called terrorists, because they are often using violence and intimidation to further a political agenda. This is a terrorist movement, event though some events are peaceful. The overall tactics of the movement is to exploit violence and intimidation in order to further their political goals.

      This is a dictionary definition of terrorism.

      terrorism [ ter-uh-riz-uhm ] – the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

      I think the police should be acting more the way they did not so long ago in the past. Using their billy clubs more when people disobey lawful orders. Billy clubs hurt a hell of lot more than pepper spray and rubber bullets. The hurt doesn’t go away in 10 minutes, either.

      When these so-called protesters are using deadly force against the police by throwing rocks or about to overrun them, the police should at some point be using their guns with live rounds. This is especially important when the police are being discouraged from arresting and booking people on charges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Peaceful protests are fine, but when they form a mob, start breaking the law and rioting, it is no longer a peaceful protest. Police should be using the force necessary to stop the rioting and violence, not let it continue for months at a time as in Portland.

      1. I love to meet you in real life to have a discussion but police are just an evolved form of slave catchers on horse back and that’s the truth and can’t be denied.

    2. USman: Have you seen the destruction done by your “right to protesters”? Apparently not! We are referring to those violent protesters and don’t tell us you haven’t seen any of those!

      1. Sorry, the police are authorized to enforce the law, Denzel isn’t authorized to attack the police or anyone else.

  4. Denzel Draughn is a Revolutionary Hero. Oh and he’s not a member of BLM he’s a member of The Uhuru Movement so get your facts right.

      1. You’re Admin with your own biases. What you call a terrorist others deem them as their hero. It’s not a hard concept to comprehend and it actually makes a lot of sense and rightfully so.

  5. Uhuru! Black Power! The people stand by you Denzel! You are a True Revolutionary Hero! A people united will never be defeated! Keep fighting against the police state and all colonial oppressors!

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