How Many Muslim Refugees Are In San Diego?

refugees-somaliaSan Diego County has been the largest destination for the resettlement of refugees for a number of years already. Most San Diegans are not aware of that, because the media does not emphasize this. There is probably no good official number of how many refugees are in the County, not to mention their families that they bring here afterward and others that move here from other areas. This writer would estimate that around fifty thousand Muslims refugees have already been resettled in San Diego County.

San Diego County seems to be targeted to be the next Dearborn. That is we will have one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the United States. Most refugees coming to San Diego are from Middle Eastern Countries and a large proportion of them are Muslim from countries where terrorism is widespread. From past experience, it is known that refugees often do not stay in the areas where they are first resettled and tend to migrate to large population centers. For this reason, many Muslim refugees can be expected to move to Southern California from other parts of the Nation in the next few years.

Here we use numbers cited in various publications to try to arrive at a rough estimate of how many Muslim refugees are already in San Diego. Most refugees from the Middle East come from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia and Ethiopia. (The refugees from Ethiopia are mostly ethnic Somalis.)

The Voice of San Diego states here that more than 10,000 Somalis live in San Diego. The great majority of them are Muslims.

San Diego’s Somali Population: Explained

This article states that 30,000 East Africans now live in San Diego and 15,000-20,000 are Somalis.

Little Mogadishu: From East Africa to East San Diego

The four major refugee resettlement organizations in San Diego are: International Rescue Committee, Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Service and the Alliance for African Assistance

San Diego County tops in refugee resettlement

abdirahmaan-muhumedWill add to this page as new information becomes available. Since their are 10K Somalis alone in San Diego, we can extrapolate and say there are several 10’s of thousands of Muslims refugees in total and more, if you add their families that have been brought by chain migration. Pew polls have shown that 10-20% of Muslims from the Middle East are sympathetic to ISIS. This means quite a support network for terrorism is being formed in San Diego County.