Escondido Council Votes Down Housing for Illegal Aliens

Protesters in Southern California slapped down the ACLU and pro-illegal-alien-invasion forces, convincing the Escondido City Council by unanimous decision to deny approval of housing for Obama’s illegal colonization efforts in spite of an ACLU lawsuit. Many of these protesters are Murrieta vets now on fire and still on the march.

It should be remembered that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a serious felony for ordinary citizens, but many local, state and federal governments are now on a mission to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible in order to advance an anti-American, “progressive” political agenda. Such subversive government officials should be held to the same legal standard as ordinary citizens. If we are still a nation of laws and not a nation of picking and choosing laws that we like, these politicians should be arrested for their felonious criminal acts.

The ACLU is planning now to bring a very expensive anti-discrimination lawsuit against the defiant Escondido Council in order to force them against the will of their constituents to open one of Obama’s illegal alien resettlement centers.

Click this link for a full report.

Escondido says no to illegal alien housing & transportation center.

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