Obama Is No Jimmy Carter

Many are comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter. Carter was a self-hating American and an incompetent, but he did not have the malicious intent that Obama has. You can assume from Obama’s background that he has a malicious agenda. An ordinary person you could give the benefit of the doubt, if he has a questionable background, but it is absolutely insane to give a president with Obama’s background the benefit of the doubt. But that is what a lot of people are doing, puzzled that Obama just cannot seem to get it right.

ISIS was Obama’s creation. If Obama had not encouraged a rebellion by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria and then fund the terrorist rebels in Syria, there would be no ISIS. Obama overturned Gadaffi. His oil wealth and weapons went to the jihadist militias and some of it, no doubt, found its way to the Syrian terrorists.

Now some groups in Libya have joined ISIS. For some time now, Obama has been funding and equipping Al Qaeda Terrorists, fighting to setup a terrorist Caliphate across the Middle East. Our Congress has been doing nothing to stop it, in fact they have giving their approval, at times. They approved sending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the Syrian terrorists. There are no moderate rebels in Syria. That is just a ruse that was used to justify sending money to terrorist groups, who are now cutting off the heads of captured American citizens.

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