Hit List For Republican Primaries In 2016

Senator John McCain, poster boy for term limits
Senator John McCain,
poster boy for term limits

It has become clear that the Republican leadership and many congressmen are corrupt collaborators with Obama and are his protectors. If Congress does not start upholding the Constitution and become more responsive to our national interests, it will not make much difference, whom is elected president.

Vote against the incumbent, in order to get “new blood” into Congress. We do not have to vote all of them out. Success in giving even a few the boot will send a loud message to all of them of how unhappy the voters are.

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Below is an initial draft list of high-profile Republican collaborators, who deserve to be removed from office via the primaries. This is not nearly all, who should also be removed from office. In general, vote against incumbents, by default.


These are just people, who deserve special mention. Vote against all incumbents and contribute to the campaigns of their opponents.

   NAME                        STATE           TERM 

  (Republican Congressional leaders)

1.  Rep Paul Ryan             Wisconsin          18
    Unseat Paul Ryan HQ
2.  Rep Kevin McCarthy        California         20
    Challenger: TBD

3.  Rep Steve Scalise         Louisiana           8
    Challenger: TBD

 Other high profile incumbents 

4.  Sen John McCain           Arizona            30
    Challenger:  Dr. Kelli Ward

5.  Sen Richard Shelby        Alabama            30
    Challenger:  Jonathan McConnell

6.  Rep John Culberson        Texas              16
    Challenger: Maria Espinoza

7.  Rep. Frank Guinta         New Hampshire       2
    Challenger:  Dan Innis

8.  Rep Martha Roby           Alabama             6
    Challenger: Becky Gerritson 

9.  Rep Scott DesJarlais      Tennessee           6
    Challenger: Grant Starrett

10. Rep Renee Ellmers         North Carolina      6
    Challenger: Jim Duncan

11. Sen Kelly Ayotte          New Hampshire       6
    Challenger: Pending

12. Rep Virginia Foxx         North Carolina     12
    Challenger: Pattie Curran

13. Sen Mark Kirk             Illinois            6
    Challenger: James Marter

14. Rep Rodney Davis          Illinois            4
    Challenger: Ethan Vandersand

15. Sen Lisa Murkowski        Alaska             14
    Challenger: TBD

16. Rep Susan Brooks          Indiana             4
    Challengers:  Mike Campbell and  Stephen MacKenzie

17. Rep Walter Jones          North Carolina     22
    Challenger:  Taylor Griffin

18. Rep Jackie Walorski       Indiana             4
    Challenger: Jeff Petermann

19  Rep Bill Flores           Texas               6
    Challengers:  Kaleb Sims, Ralph Peterson

Note: No Senate leaders are up for re-election in 2016.

This list is under development. If have a comment on the current list or want to suggest additions/deletions, please leave a comment below or send a message via the contact tab above.

Note: This list is not the only incumbents, who should be voted out of office, just a few of the more high-visibility cases. Vote against all incumbents in the primary, by default, unless you are positively sure they deserve to be in office.


List of current members of the U.S. Congress”

States with Term Limits

REMEMBER: When in doubt, vote them out! If the incumbent does not have an challenger, consider voting for a third party candidate, or just do not vote for that position at all. The less votes the incumbent receives, the more it encourages someone to run against him in the future.


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