Enrique Morones Interview, Fake-Refugee Bus Block In Murrieta

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the “bus block” in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly — if not all — fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.

The so-called refugees were exploiting children as a free pass into the United States, according to the catch-and-release procedure. If they would bring a child or minor with them on the dangerous journey to the border, a perverse Supreme Court ruling required that they be released within a 20 days into the US, most just to disappear and live illegally. This ruling actually encouraged people to abuse children by bringing them along as a free pass into the US to live illegally. The buses carrying fraudulent asylum seekers were stopped by a large group of patriots and they were returned to San Diego.

Morones was born in the US, but has publicly repudiated his American identity, saying that he considers himself 100% Mexican, a Mexican born abroad, as he says. He is an extreme Mexican nationalist and a subversive, who is working against American interests. He is a trained propagandist, having worked for the San Diego Padres as a public relations representative.

He is also a habitual liar. This and other videos show how the bus caravan of fake refugees was stopped and it was not the police who did it. Morones lied about that.

Morones has aided smuggling operations by leaving water in the desert for illegal crossers. He has been known to associate with major drug smugglers, having arranged the marriage of a convicted drug smuggler on the border, duping the Border Patrol in the process.

His self-described, right-hand man in the Border Angels, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped and beaten in Southern Mexico trying to run fake refugees to the US border. Morones operated a shelter in Tijuana for those, who would attempt to cross the border by illegally or by asylum fraud.

Morones was ousted last November from the Border Angels, a non-profit that he founded more than 30 years ago to assist illegal aliens in gaining entry into the US.


How the Fake Refugee Buses Were Stopped in Murrieta

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