Man in Obama Mask Protesting for Impeachment

It was not so long ago that people would not have felt secure enough to go out by themselves and protest for Obama’s impeachment for fear of being attacked, but now more and more are doing it. This protester apparently still is not too comfortable showing his face, but we will get there. Folks all around this country must start forming small volunteer groups to campaign for impeachment. Existing non-profits, such as the Tea Party, cannot lead such an effort, because they are regulated by Obama’s IRS. Many of their members, however, would join in an all-volunteer campaign to impeach the Usurper.

The real danger is to allow a criminal and a gangster to finish his term unexposed, thereby setting a precedent that this kind of gangsterism is acceptable. However, this is a collective danger to the country and individual humans have an instinct for self-preservation that must be overcome. The risks for individuals has been enormously exaggerated. The truth is that this idea has been falsely promoted in the public mind by Obama’s propaganda experts in the media too keep them too fearful to act and therefore easily controlled.

It is never too late to expose a criminal. If a real vocal opposition to Obama begins, the politicians will panic, because there are so few of them and so many of us. It is like it is said about prisons, the guards are only in control, because the prisoners allow it. If the People rise up and demand it, Obama will be removed. Don’t wait for one national leader, though, who can always be corrupted, intimidated and controlled. We have to do it ourselves, first as individuals, and then by small groups of volunteers and finally by the hundreds of thousands and the millions. That way it will be unstoppable. There is strength in unity.

One thought on “Man in Obama Mask Protesting for Impeachment”

  1. I do hate to Say this only United States has all these smart people in office that are so dam stupid they have their head on backwards and do not know it. Yes it is congress and the santé they all are stupid how can that be/? I know to mush to drink or they are using the weed could that be? What in the hell is so hard to impeach one stupid person in Washington that went to collage to screw up the constitution of the United States and get away with it. Putin is making a ass out of Washington and the head leader of the Brotherhood Mr. Obama oh I forgot his real name is Barry Soetoro he is no American every democrat kisses his royal ass that must be a donkey of the party. Get off your ass and Impeach this Muslim already. I think it is time to replace you all out of Office now. IMPEACH OBAMA he is the head of this Muslim lovers in office country called the united states. Run by a imposter and his gang of none American. What the hell are you waiting for Washington. Obama is taking you all down with him and the party too.

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