Graham Ledger – Obama Is a Narcissist and Sociopathic Liar

Graham Ledger of One America News Network gets to the point. He says that Obama clearly knows that his executive amnesty is illegal and that he is a compulsive sociopathic liar and a narcissist. He lies in order to manipulate. He criticizes here Obama’s appearance before the National Council of La Raza. La Raza is part of the Chicano nationalist movement, which holds that Latinos have a mystical destiny to take control the Southwestern United States, which they call “Atzlan.”

2 thoughts on “Graham Ledger – Obama Is a Narcissist and Sociopathic Liar”

  1. Did you notice his audience!?! He is definitely a sociopath, narcissist and a liar. Why don’t we finally impeach the guy????? He is ruining our country and also hates our country. He is a radical muslim and everyone is scared to death to admit it! America, WAKE UP! How can one person intimidate a whole Congress and Senate…are they all protecting their own little world…security???

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