Anti-Amnesty / Impeach Obama NOW Protest Rocks Las Vegas

This is a video of the protest that occurred outside Obama’s celebration of his illegal amnesty decree that occurred on Friday, November 21, 2014 in Las Vegas at Del Sol High School. This video was produced by the organizer of Impeach Obama NOW, who helped organize the event along with several other groups, including “We The People Rising, Las Vegas Tea Party, Temecula Tea Party, 2-Million Bikers Nevada and Overpasses for America. The event was promoted in parallel by these several groups. It is difficult to say, who had the most impact. A good event is like an office potluck, everyone contributes something. Members of Oathkeepers, Sons of Liberty Riders, 3% Nation, Anonymous and other such groups also took part. Altogether there were about 300-400 protesters there. Anti-Obama protesters outnumbered the opposition 2 or 3 to one, even though some of the pro-Obama people appeared to have been bused in from the Los Angeles area. Thanks to everyone, who showed up. You made me proud that day. It was a great protest and we were certainly heard and seen. As the person at the end of the video says we made our point that day. Click here to see a summary of the media coverage of this event.

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