‘Operation American Spring’ Protesters March on White House

This may be the best video of the Operation American Spring protest. I respect the people, who went and tried to get something done, just think the concept was flawed. Such an event should focus on impeachment, conviction and punishment of Obama and not have a military-ops style or emphasis on the militia. Talk of potential bloodshed and overthrowing the government scares the hell out of people, who might otherwise have supported the effort. An American protest should not be modeled after a coup in a third-world, middle-eastern country, which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in a theocratic dictatorship. Finally, the organizers should not have lied in an outrageous way about the number of participants expected, exposing the event to ridicule.

The number of participants was not bad. It was just the pre-event hype that created disappointment and ridicule. Even 500 protesters is a good event and 5-10K would have been fantastic and could lead to something bigger.

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