Obamacare & Eugenics – Why the Government should NOT Control Healthcare!

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Germany has the oldest universal healthcare system in Europe, but it was used by the Nazis to murder hundreds of thousands of handicapped and mentally ill persons. The techniques of mass murder of the Holocaust were initially developed in the hospitals of Germany. The extermination of six million Jews and four million other “undesirables” was itself treated as a collective health problem for German society and partly justified in this manner. This is the best historical argument for why healthcare should not be centrally controlled by government.

The trend towards Universal Healthcare was started by Otto von Bismarck in the 1880’s, the Prussian, authoritarian, anti-Catholic, prime minister of Germany. Bismarck united the German provinces to establish the modern nation of Germany and started Germany’s first social programs, including the first steps towards universal healthcare.

It was only a couple of decades after the German government began to take over healthcare that the science of eugenics was developed. When the government controls healthcare, it can decide which classes of citizens live and which die and thereby control the genetics of the population. Such governmental abuse is not possible when free individuals contract for their own healthcare with private companies.

Health Care in Germany

Universal Healthcare gives the Government access to public health data and control over how people are treated. The German government used this information and control in the so-called “T4 Program” to exterminate hundreds of thousands of the mentally ill, handicapped and elderly, in order to save money that the Government needed for other purposes with higher governmental priority. The idea existed in Germany and the US, long before they Nazis came to power and actually put it in effect.

The German government justified it in the beginning with the claim that it was needed to help the needy and the disadvantaged. See the clip below. It all begin with the promise to help poor children, as Obama and others are still promising today. Messianic usurpers always use such promises of income redistribution to justify their diktat and personal lust for power.

Aktion T4 – The German Euthanasia Program

If there is someone more needy and productive than you in your old age, such as disadvantaged illegal immigrants, the government in its wisdom may well decide that it would be better for you to die early for the greater good of society and to help the needy. The methods of eugenics were practiced in the United States even after World War II. Many tens of thousands of people were sterilized and lobotomized in the U.S. The disproportionate number of abortions in among blacks can still be considered an application of the concepts of eugenics, though it may not be openly advertised as such.

T4 was the beginning of the Nazi mass extermination program and many of the techniques put to use in the extermination camps, such as mass gassing, were first developed by doctors in German hospitals by the T4 Program. They eventually decided that entire races, ethnic groups and unwanted classes of society were not worthy of life.


Robert Lifton pointed out that the broader program of mass extermination was seen by the Nazis as the solution to a health issue. This was called “racial hygiene” and was an idea that was wide-spread among western nations, not invented by the Nazis. Those, who carried out the mass exterminations, used this as a justification for their deeds, that it was a kind of mass medical procedure, necessary for the general health of society. In this sense, German universal healthcare killed ten million people.

The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing And The Psychology Of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton

If, you think that this type of thing can not happen in America, think again, because similar programs have already been implemented here. America was a leader in the development of the science of eugenics and the Nazi eugenics programs were actually inspired by eugenics work in the United States.


Protest of an American Eugenics Law


The American eugenics movement after World War II

Eugenics and the Nazis — the California connection


There is no overriding reason that the national government should control healthcare. Even, if you believe in socialized healthcare, the states can implement universal healthcare, if the citizens of that state want it, and there is less risk that the National Government will be making life and death decisions based on the elites’ own political and economic agendas.

Eugenics programs have already happened in the United States. Make sure that it does not become worse. Let the people make their own choices and contract with private healthcare providers.

No system is perfect, but it would be extremely naive and misguided to expect the Government to make good moral decisions over who lives and who dies. Governments are not inherently moral and are easily corrupted. Universal Healthcare will ultimately require the Government to do just that. That is, prioritize the budget so that some classes of people die sooner than expected, so that disadvantaged persons can be better supported. Nazi eugenics started with the very same reasoning. We should not vest the Government with the power to decide which classes of citizens live or die. The Government should not have the power to “play God” with human life.


Obamacare & Eugenics – Why the Government should NOT Control Healthcare!

The Real Father of Universal Healthcare – Adolf Hitler

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