Republican Investigations Of Obama Are Farce

Obama not worried about Republican investigations
Obama not worried about
Republican show investigations
The Congressional investigations by Representatives Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy have been a giant farce perpetrated on the American public, just for public show. It is all smoke and no fire. In particular, Representative Trey Gowdy has a very fierce bark, but no bite at all. Gowdy should be given an Emmy for his acting. Do not assume these show investigations are serious, just because Gowdy puts on a good performance in the hearing room. Demand real results.

In a real congressional investigation of real wrongdoing, people would lose their jobs, lose their retirements, be charged with crimes and go to prison. The House of Representatives is not nearly as powerless and helpless as they would have us believe. To get to the top culprits, lower level wrongdoers have to be indicted or threatened and the prosecutor negotiates with them to go to higher levels. Congressional committees can refer potential offenders to prosecutors or can appoint their own special prosecutors. Quisling Boehner and his yelping little lapdogs, Gowdy and Issa, have never done that, even though the offenses of the Obama regime are much more serious than those of the Nixon era. The Issa and Gowdy puppet shows have no results to prove that they have done anything of consequence.

The Watergate era investigations of Richard Nixon involved less serious crimes, but dozens of people lost their jobs, where indicted and many went to prison. That’s how you know a real investigation is taking place. There have been no actual casualties in the Issa and Gowdy investigations and thus we know they are a farce, just theater put on to deceive the American public and give us the false impression that Congress is trying to do something, but just cannot quite manage to ever get any concrete result at all.

As you can see from the list below, the Watergate investigations were real criminal investigations, not just a joke for public show. White House staff and even the Attorney General went to prison. What the Republicans are doing is not close to being serious. Even the House of Representatives, acting alone, could have been indicting and sending people to jail for years already without the approval of the Senate being necessary. Under Boehner they have just chosen not to do that, because they are corrupt and have no interest in enforcing the law or upholding the Constitution.

From Watergate Casualties and Convictions.

● one presidential resignation (Richard Nixon)

● one vice-presidential resignation – although Agnew’s crimes were unrelated to Watergate

● 40 government officials indicted or jailed

● H.R. Haldeman and John Erlichman (White House staff), resigned 30 April 1973, subsequently jailed

● John Dean (White House legal counsel), sacked 30 April 1973, subsequently jailed

● John Mitchell, Attorney-General and Chairman of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), jailed

● Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy (ex-White House staff), planned the Watergate break-in, both jailed

● Charles Colson, special counsel to the President, jailed

● James McCord (Security Director of CREEP), jailed

If these sham Republican investigations were serious, Eric Holder and dozens of other government officials would be imprisoned and Obama forced to resign under the prospect of having to go to prison, himself.

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  1. Trey gouty, howdy, this former prosecutor has done not one thing since becoming a polly, surely they have the goods on trey, he’s probably a pedo, either way according to trey, all’s good. All talk, guess that’s what Trey is a fearin. Such hope Trey was different, but alas we know, guess we always did, fithy pedo!

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