Florida ‘Overpasses’ Group Drops ‘Impeach Obama’ From Their Name

The Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment group for the state of Florida recently changed to a new FaceBook group with a different name “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – Florida” became “Overpasses for America ~ Florida,” thus dropping “Obama” and “Impeachment” from their new name.

Apparently, the group lost lost over half the members of the Florida state group when they removed “impeach Obama” from their name. The old group had more than 3,000 members and the new group has less than 1,300 members. They are also doing the same thing in other states shedding about a half to two-thirds of their members.

This continues a trend of the group moving away from the tough issue of confronting Obama with the constitutional process of removing him from office towards more a more diffuse and fluffy, but perhaps safer and more profitable, goal of “restoring the Republic.” There has been a trend of declining number of impeach Obama events for the last few months by the newly re-named “Overpasses for America” organization.

A number of independent, locally-organized, unpaid, volunteer groups for Obama’s impeachment have been started recently, as an alternative to Overpasses for America. Though they have a fraction of the membership, Independent groups have recently been organizing more and bigger impeach Obama events than the so-called “Overpasses” group. See the video below by one such independent group. To organize impeach-Obama protests, it is not necessary to support the OfA leadership financially in their quest for a higher standard of living for themselves. Local groups can organize and do it on their own.

Speculation for the purpose of the name change is that it is potentially easier to collect donations from large donors, if the purpose of the group is not about Obama’s impeachment, an often socially unacceptable topic among establishment Republican types and other potential contributors. A number of the organizers for the group left in the fall due to allegations of misuse of donated funds by the leadership of the now “Overpasses for America” organization.

5 thoughts on “Florida ‘Overpasses’ Group Drops ‘Impeach Obama’ From Their Name”

  1. Must be Obama Does not like his name Obama so you should use his name of Barry Soetoro which is is real name. He is not an American anyway he is out to Kill America and he would like to Kill the Constitution also . Because he is the leader of the Brotherhood and that is why he wants to cut the American army so they could take America over. Only the Democrats also want to help him kill America with the help of the Clintons. If you vote for the Democrats but I will not again. Impeach all of them with Obama and sent him back from where he came. Take back the Constitution before you and I will lose it to this Non-American. Impeach him now.

  2. Propagating bullshit?… The reason we changed our name is to dig in and get ready to be around long after Obama is out of office. If you’d like to know the truth, just ask. Speculating utter nonsense only makes you appear to be uninformed..

    1. Dallas, you know as well as I do that Neighbors just wants to milk this thing for as much money and radio interviews as he can possibly get out of it. It’s all about Neighbors’ ego and the money. If you are already planning the post-Obama phase that is counting your chicks long before they are hatched. The truth is the long-term planning is an attempt by Neighbors’ to feather his retirement nest, not to effect Obama’s retirement from office.

      I have learned not to expect the truth from Neighbors or his minions.

  3. Hello John Kloch, Let us impeach Obama and Biden, take the rino’s out of office, and defend our rights and lands, so the United States can start being more free again. When each person takes appropriate action to help this nation and take back our country, we can be free Americans in the spirit of liberty.

  4. Wrong. Obama is a very dangerous man and, in a way, it really is up to American people to decide whether they wish to open their eyes and face the reality. Similarities to the time of WWII are truly striking. And, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the power of current weapons and technology escalated beyond unthinkable. American people still have the power to stop him and put an end to the catastrophic agenda neo nazi global agenda he persuades. How many more people, if not most of humanity, will die before they realize that their ‘democracy’ is rapidly dieing and that the man whom they like to call ‘a president’, literally claims the authority to decide who can live and who should die.
    Impeach Obama, while you still can!
    Reclaim the meaning of justice by making accountability the priority. Reclaim dignity. Save the world.


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