Police Officer Scapegoated for BLM Riot, Fights Back

A few days after the George Floyd incident, what should have been a minor incident involving police officer Matthew Dages was used by Black Lives Matter and antifa to justify the riots and fire bombing of La Mesa on May 30, 2019. Dages was doxxed on the Internet, received death threats and large crowds gathered at his home under the guise of protesting, but actually to to terrify his family. BLM and antifa firebombed downtown La Mesa, burning the three most prominent buildings to the ground. The anarchists also tried to burn down City Hall and the Police Station. Dozens of businesses were vandalized and looted.

He was scapegoated by La Mesa city officials and La Mesa Police Department. La Mesa city government refused to stand up to ringleaders of the mob. They tried to bribe Matt Dages to leave and get them off the hook. Dages refused the bribe and decided to defend himself. He lost his job and they had him charged with a crime, in the name of political correctness and due to intimidation by the violent BLM/antifa mob.

Donate to Officer Dages here:
Help Support Former La Mesa Police Officer Matthew Dages

They justified the riot in San Diego with this minor police encounter.

All of San Diego should be supporting him and his family in clearing his good name as a police officer. See the video below. The contact infor for the DA and La Mesa Police Department are below if you would like to tell them what you think.

San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan: 619-531-4040 (press #2 to speak with a live person)
or SanDiegoDA@sdcda.org

La Mesa Police Department, specifically Captain Ray Sweeney and Captain Nicholass 619-667-1400

You can follow updates on his court case at this Instagram channel:

Clear Officer Dages

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