Body Cam Video of Amaurie Johnson Arrest by Officer Matt Dages

This is the arrest that caused Black Lives Matter to select La Mesa for a protest that led to the firebombing of downtown and vandalizing and ransacking of many stores and businesses. He was written up for interfering with an investigation, a misdemeanor. The charges were dropped after the riot in La Mesa a few days later. The local BLM organizer is demanding that the officer be fired and charged for filing a false report, a felony.

Watch on Bitchute Officer Dages Body Cam Video

It has been suggested that this incident may have been a setup, because our BLM domestic terrorists needed a reason to attack La Mesa. La Mesa is a sleepy, majority-white suburb with a police force that is not very well prepared to deal with a large civil disturbance, in contrast to the larger, more urban, more experienced city of San Diego.

There were also three large buildings there convenient to be burned, two of them banks. Witnesses and videographers appeared immediately as soon as the incident with officer Matt Dages started.

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4 thoughts on “Body Cam Video of Amaurie Johnson Arrest by Officer Matt Dages”

  1. Most people don’t cause a big deal out of police asking them questions. Why is this guy making a big deal out of this? I had a relative that was arrested for a DUI and he simply went with the officer and caused no trouble. He had to obtain a lawyer for the DUI but there were no resisting and no trouble in fact my relative said the cops were friendly to him and not to worry. This guy is using horrible language and acting stupid. Why?

    1. Maybe he wanted to provoke the officer? I wouldn’t be using that kind of language, if I wanted to avoid being arrested. Don’t think my “white privilege” would protect me, if I did that. LoL.

      If nothing else, he is probably going to file a lawsuit and will likely get a big payday due to this incident. Will have been a good day’s work for him. (sarcasm)

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