Overpasses for America is Now for Sale

OfAForSaleA state administrator admits that the former “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” had to drop “Impeach Obama” from their name in order to become a 527 non-profit. Since then they are known as “Overpasses for America.” This non-profit status allows the group to collect tax-free donations, but requires them to de-emphasize the impeachment of Obama. The organization surrenders its free speech rights to Obama’s IRS in return for non-profit status. It is a way the government stifles dissent via use of their power to tax selectively. Those, who stay within limits set by Obama’s IRS are rewarded at taxpayer expense.

In other words, OfA has sold out and are now just looking for the highest bidder. There was an earlier scandal about the misuse of a couple thousand dollars of donated funds by the Founder, James Neighbors. Now, he can go for the really big money. It does not have to be George Soros, who buys them out. It can also be RINOs.

527 Non-Profit Organization

Overpasses for America is not alone in doing this. It is the reason that many so-called patriot groups, Tea Parties, 912 groups, Oath Keepers, etc, do not emphasize impeachment and removal of Obama, even though he be a traitor and a tyrant, who wipes his arse with the Constitution, because they prefer to become a non-profit, be able to raise money and try to cash-in. This is not what I call “patriots,” sorry.

The Tea Party can advocate for lower taxes and smaller government. The Oath Keepers can protest for gun rights. Other groups can focus on special issues. However, all of these groups can not join together and form a massive campaign for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal from office. To build a movement to impeach Obama, many issues like this and reluctant people have to be overcome on the conservative side first.

In order to impeach and remove Obama from office, people have to stop expecting that these groups can act against Obama. They can NOT act against Obama and his henchmen in any effective way, because the IRS is looking over their shoulder.

If you really want to campaign for the impeachment, conviction and removal of Obama, start or support a local all-volunteer group, who can state their purpose of impeachment in their name and is not dependent on the approval of the Obama-controlled IRS. If you want to donate money, donate a few dollars to your local organizer to pay for making protest signs, buying banners, etc. Do not send it to some distant stranger, who does not account for it.

One of the state Administrators for Overpasses For America Wisconsin at a Conservative Action Conference gathering in Oconomowoc WI.

Its surprising that they admit on YouTube that the IRS made them take “Impeach Obama” out of their name and de-emphasize impeachment of Obama. This did not come without a cost. When they changed the Facebook groups, dropping “Impeach Obama” from the names, they lost sometimes 60-70% of the members of these groups, who did not follow them to the new groups. The local protesters, however, are still often holding “Impeach Obama” signs.

I am not trying to bash all nonprofit organizations. As long as the tax code is as it is, nonprofits are necessary to organize groups for specific issues over the longer term. There are a good number of non-profits, who have been doing very useful work for many years. People need to realize their limitations, though, and use them to our advantage, until the tax law is changed. In this specific case, I think it is wrong to try to make a non-profit out of an impeach-Obama movement. An impeach-Obama movement has short-term goals and has to be all-volunteer to be able to succeed and then we borrow rank-and-file members from existing non-profits for protests.

Converting an impeach-Obama movement into a non-profit controlled by Obama’s IRS agents is a contradiction in terms. The IRS will not allow you to be a non-profit and campaign in an effective way for Obama’s impeachment and removal at the same time.

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    1. Good for you, Dennis. I may have been a little unfair to you, yesterday. I get frustrated sometimes and suspect everyone. Hang in there.

      1. Competition and open expression of critical opinions is normally a good thing and kind of an American tradition. Suppression of opinions and competition is what the Soviets did. Are you saying we need to be more like the Soviets were? I don’t feel that I need conform to anyone’s “party line.” If you have not noticed conservatives are failing already, because they are too timid to speak up, not because they are too outspoken.

        A lot of these groups want to start up and convince everyone that they are going to “save America,” but they just want to become a non-profit and secure a salary and retirement plan first. People don’t want to criticize them, just because they call themselves “patriots.” Most don’t seem to know that these groups give up a large part of their first amendment rights when they become a non-profit, because no one talks in a critical way about it. You can’t protect our rights, by selling your own rights to the Obama regime for tax credits. A lot of these groups limit what they say, because they are terrified of the IRS.

        You reach a real consensus after everyone has their say, really understands the problem and how to fix it, not by suppressing discussion of it. Trying to make a non-profit out of an impeach-Obama protest movement is counterproductive, in my opinion, because it puts you under Obama-controlled, IRS supervision.

    2. Dennis-I asked James Neighbors if he had seen this. This is his reply:
      James Neighbors Yes, Robin.. Everyone needs to spread the word about Roger Ogden..
      He was kicked out of Overpasses for cussing women out on a near constant basis, belittling everything we tried to do…
      Since then he has been writing hatchet jobs about us, and has even worked with Americans Against the Tea Party on multiple occasions for “information” to slander myself and Overpasses For America. He also posted a picture which I will share with you on your FB page.

      (this is Robin Huffman-grandhuff is my wordpress name. It’s what my grandchildren call me)

      1. Roger-i am not agreeing with James Neighbors. Our group (Stand For Liberty) left OFA because of him. I would like to hear what you have to say about his comment. I did not share anything as he requested.

      2. No, I did not cuss women out “almost constantly,” as if Jim is so concerned about womanhood. I have also not talked to anyone in the AATTP. He makes such stuff up. AATTP has been snooping on them from the beginning and that is probably how they learned the details of Neighbors misuse of donated funds and other info. Jim is an unemployed prison guard, who has a lawsuit going for a Workman’s Comp claim and is more concerned about being able to “cash in” than female virtue. He has said worse than I have in the groups.

        I was telling the Texas group that they should not back down and let the police tell them it is illegal to put signs on the overpass fences without even citing a law. The female admin dissed California, where I live, because I was putting their courage in question. I told her that I was raised in Texas and it seemed that Texans had become “pussies,” since I moved away. After that, she went around telling everyone I was a “troll” and banned me from all the groups, even groups where I had never commented. I think I hurt their Texas pride more than their ears. They also banned me earlier in a couple other groups, because they did not like my opinion, when no such words were written. That’s okay, they have a right to ban me, if the want. But they cannot stop me from posting what I think on my own blog.

        We have been through this before with the Tea Party, who also generally does not protest for Obama’s impeachment and removal. Whenever a movement starts up, there will likely be people, who want to take control of it and create a funded non-profit to make it into an employment and retirement plan and/or to further their political ambitions. There are dozens of non-profits trying to start up in this area of politics. However, when you become a non-profit, you make bargain with the IRS to give up much of your collective freedom-of-speech rights as a group. For that reason non-profits cannot, in my opinion be effective in a campaign to impeach and remove Obama. I am just explaining this to people and Neighbors does not like the truth to be known.

        I am not against non-profits, in general. They often do a lot of good on single issues, but just do not think they can effectively confront Obama. A non-profit cannot be the be all and end all. Neighbors threatened to sue some of the admins of groups that would not give him control. He said they “hijacked” the groups, but to me, Neighbors was the first hijacker, who wanted to use the effort to further his own personal agenda, especially in terms of financial benefit.

    1. You weren’t attacking. I suspect pretty much everyone, who drops “Impeach Obama” from their name. The admin in the Long Island group said they are considering doing that. I don’t think a group can deal effectively with Obama while his IRS agents are looking over their shoulder. A huge tide of volunteers needs to rise up and tell Congress that Obama has to go. It would be a tonic for the whole system to throw Obama out and help with a wide range of issues.

    2. You should send me photos, when you do an impeach Obama protest, even, if it is only a couple of people. I will generally post the photos and link back to your group, then share it around FaceBook. Could get you a couple more members. I unblocked you on Facebook, already. Just wanted to break off the argument.

  1. Patriots need to serve one or the other – Country or Money, not both. If you serve money over Country, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. For example, check out what one lonely patriot is doing to spread the word (Impeach Obama/Repeal ObamaCare!). Google, “Youtube – San Diego Dan Says”. I may add, no tax exempt here, no wine drinking, cheese eating meetings, just putting the rubber where the road/sidewalk is.

    1. As long as the tax code is as it is, non-profits are necessary to organize groups for specific issues over the longer term. There are a good number of non-profits, who have been doing useful work for many years. People need to realize their limitations, though, and use them to our advantage, until the tax law is changed. In this specific case, I think it is wrong to try to make a non-profit out of an impeach-Obama movement. An impeach-Obama movement has short-term goals and has to be all-volunteer to be able to succeed and we borrow rank-and-file members from existing non-profits for the protests.

  2. Wow. I know you dont like Jim neighbors. You make that very obvious in every article you write. You constantly put him and whatever he says or does down and twist things all up. Whatever he did or does I am sure he has his reasons. But the bottom line is we are all after the same goal. Obama may never get impeached. Who knows but I will continue to protest with my IMPEACH signs and banners as I always have. . We have raised and continue to raise awareness all across the USA and the world for that matter. You need to stop, and get on the same page . You come off on one hand as if you are gung ho about getting him impeached but one the other you come off as jealous of Jim and all he has accomplished.. Drop it already and join together.
    Have a great day

    1. Right, Linda, I am jealous of the effort going forward and not being controlled by one huckster and his small group of cronies and sycophants, intent on making it into his own personal cash cow. As long as Jim sticks to the Impeach Obama topic. I do not really have a problem with it. However, I believe Obama’s IRS gestapo will have a problem with it.

      I helped Neighbors start his group and was working with him, before he banned me, because he did not want me to say what I thought, start groups that he did not control or be given any credit for starting the protests. Unfortunately, he can’t control the entire Internet, eh?

      By the way, I offered a couple of days ago to include “Overpasses for America” as a member of the “Coalition to Impeach Obama Now!” but he refused. The Coalition includes independent groups, he does not. So, who is not cooperating with whom?

      As you remember, I also suggested that you and/or Jay be the admin of our group in Victorville/Hesperia. The other day I referred a person from Apple Valley to you, who is interested in protesting and suggested that he cooperate with you. He said you accepted his friend request but did not reply to his message. Some of our partners belong to OfA as well as Impeach Obama Now! I do not try to discourage that. OfA does try to discourage independent groups.

      We actually are working with OfA at the lower levels. We just do not accept Neighbor’s claim to the right to control everything, in order to promote his own personal enrichment agenda. I know he is unemployed and needs a job, but it should not be at the expense of the effort to remove Obama from office.

  3. This article has to be the most fabricated bunch of bullshit I have read in a lllooonnng time. LOL… The name change is because Overpasses plans in being around much longer than the current administration. Thanks for the laugh! I appreciate it.

    1. You should not count your chickens, before they are hatched. The name change is because Neighbors wants to be a non-profit and rake in some larger donations. He’s not that interested in Obama, so he is willing to drop “impeach Obama” from the name and as the main purpose of the group.

      Suppose some fat-cat offered Neighbors a million dollar donation, but he said he wanted Neighbors to forget about the impeachment effort. I believe Jim would jump at that offer in a heartbeat, don’t you?

      An impeach Obama effort should not be controlled by one person or small group, because one person is easily bribed or co-opted and we already know that Neighbors has sticky fingers when it comes to donated money.

  4. You did not ask for or receive my permission to use my video in your article. I am giving you 24 hours to cease and desist using my video on your website, and any reference to me in your article or I will pursue legal action! You twisted the facts to meet your own agenda of hurting James Neighbors any way you can. For your information, I used my own gas money to attend that event, I used my own money, printer and ink to print the flyers that I handed out. I VOLUNTEERED completely to do this. I even volunteered at the event to help defray the cost of attending the event. You sir know nothing about me and I would appreciate it if we kept it that way. I do believe you also owe me an apology, however, judging from what I’ve read on this page I honestly don’t expect you to be man enough to do so.

    1. LoL. I did not even mention you in the post. You need to have someone, who understands them, explain the 1st Amendment and copyright laws to you. I don’t need permission from you for anything. Sue, if you like, and I hope you have some money, because in California there is a law against people filing frivolous lawsuits in order to deny a person their freedom-of-speech rights (anti-SLAPP law). Victims of such frivolous lawsuits can counter-sue.

  5. That kind of attitude makes it easy to fleece the sheeple. Obama’s followers don’t question what he does either, as long as he is fighting for what they value, “social justice.” I prefer not to follow anyone mindlessly and THAT is the American way, not blind acceptance of your Great Leader, sorry.

    Some of the people writing comments here are Neighbors’ Lieutenants, probably hope to obtain some kind of paid position, if OfA becomes a formal, funded organization.

    1. Lately, they have begun talking about impeachment more. I would hold their feet to the fire. Make them dance with the girl they brought to the party, so to speak. That is impeachment and removal of Obama.

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