Black Lives Matter – Huge FAIL In La Mesa (Video)

On the 25th of July Black Lives Matter tried to have another event in La Mesa, a small city that they had massively burned, vandalized and looted on May 30 (mis-stated in video). Neither Amaurie Johnson nor Leslie Furcron were victims of police violence. Leslie Furcron put herself illegally in a dangerous situation, by joining a violent mob attacking the police station, where she was inadvertently injured. Amaurie Johnson was arrested, but not hurt at all.

Only about 20 Black Lives Matter people showed up. They were greatly outnumbered by police and concerned citizens. The citizen response was organized by the Defend East County group on Facebook. DEC members are from all over San Diego East County, which tends to be a patriotic, pro-American part of the County.

They were mainly congregated in one group with a couple of others scattered around. A least three people in this group were there only to report on the event. You see they are all white radicals except for one token black man. This is rather typical, at least in the San Diego area, but from what I have seen, others places also.

The police and concerned citizens were scattered around. Some of the citizens didn’t want their images taken. So, I didn’t try to take video of all of them. The Black Lives Matter terrorists were outnumbered probably 3-4 to 1 and they were surrounded by the police and local citizens. The DEC’ers said that they could have called for more help, if needed.

After a couple of hours with nothing happening, I went to get something to eat. When I came back after dark everyone was gone, except a few cops. It was a very peaceful event, I think, mainly because the DEC’ers showed up to oppose it. One of them vowed that BLM would not get another chance to burn East County.


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Tasha Williamson, a major organizer in La Mesa, had previously threatened their town council to burn down National City two years earlier. Shamefully none of the local media reported that threat, even though Williamson ran for mayor of San Diego this year. Click on archive link below to learn more.

Tasha Williamson Archive

4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – Huge FAIL In La Mesa (Video)”

  1. Wish I to join in to defend East County anytime, any place , any where…Maybe Soros $$$ didn’t arrive for the Rent-A-Mob so just a few showed.

    1. Go to their Facebook page. there is another protest aug 1st. They need more of the citizens to come together and defend their community

    2. You’ll have another chance next weekend. They have another terrorist event scheduled for Saturday at 3:30pm in La Mesa. This time they are hinting at violence with their new slogan, fists up, fight back. No one is attacking them. People just don’t want them to get violent again and to stop the vandalism, general lawlessness and intimidation. The more good citizens show up, the less likely it will be that they get violent. Defend East County Facebook group is the main organizer of the citizen opposition.

      La Mesa does not have anything to do with the two woman on their flier. The have a lot of chutzpah to continue terrorizing the town, after what they did last time.

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