Suggestions/Discussion Points for the Overpasses Movement

These are just some suggestions and and discussion points from talking to some often not so satisfied people in the Overpasses group. Leave a comment, if you have other issues are want to discuss these. This is an independent website and you can comment anonymously, if you want.

In SoCal the anti-immigration groups have had epic battles for years, usually over a little money, but also over personality clashes. People should try not let such things create a feud that lasts forever. It may be a problem that needs to be addressed, but is not such a big deal in the scheme of things. No one is perfect. Jim Neighbors did a great job in rolling the protests out nation-wide.

The object is to create an overwhelming movement for impeachment/removal that the media and politicians can’t ignore. An inclusive approach that furthers that goal would be an advantage. If it happens, there will be enough fame (and blame) to go around for everyone.

– State and local admins often want to be able to manage their own groups, unless they request help. They should be fostered and enabled, even if they want full admin control of their own group. Ownership should be pushed down to local groups, when possible.

– A naming convention for the groups is useful to aid potential members in finding groups, but some groups want to use their own names.

– There are some groups, who are not on FaceBook, but would like to participate, and should be better included.

– People are too often banned for disagreements with other members or admins.

– Admins should be more facilitators and enablers than enforcers.

„„„„- Some people don’t like being asked for donations.

– 501(c) tax status requires IRS oversight and limits the freedom of speech of those groups that apply for it. It allows unlimited contributions from anonymous donors, but large donations always come with strings attached.

– Political Action committee (PAC) tax status is more appropriate for political organizations, those who want to support/oppose politicians. However, it may may also make you vulnerable to the IRS. It may be better to remain an all-volunteer organization.

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  1. At this time, the only additional concern that I can add would be the best way to recruit new members to local groups if there is not a large State pool to assist in this.

    1. Same thing for the state group from the national group. That is one of the main benefits of having that hierarchy is referring members down to the state and local level. Any site can have a directory and can refer members to local sites, if it has the traffic, but will probably be difficult to get the traffic up as high as the original website, because it received a lot of publicity. I keep a directory on this website, which you can find at the top or in the right margin under “find a group,” but this site does not attract a very high volume of traffic at this time.

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