Devil’s Caravan Departs From Honduras

A new caravan, the second of 2020 left Honduras early in the morning of January 31, 2020. Organized on social networks, reportedly, it has only 150 members at this time, but the first caravan of 2020 also started small and grew to thousands as it neared the Mexican border. The president of Mexico has warned them to expect the same treatment as the first caravan received, which appears to have been pretty effectively disrupted by the Mexican National Guard.

The translation to English of the the linked article follows:

“Caravana del diablo”, segundo grupo de este 2020, parte de Honduras
(Devil’s caravan, second group of 2020, departs from Honduras)

A group made up of around 150 people, including men, youths and women with their children in tow, left this Friday from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in the second migrant caravan of 2020, self-styled ‘caravan of the devil’, which will try to reach the United States fleeing poverty and the dangers of their home country.

When attending an anonymous call issued on social networks, migrants, mostly from Honduras, met on Thursday night in the metropolitan bus terminal, where they spent the night to leave the next day as part of the ‘devil’s caravan’ heading to Mexico, as reported by the website, Digital Tiempo (Digital Times).

– Despite the restrictions that the members of the first migrant caravan faced with the Governments of Guatemala and Mexico, a Honduran citizen consulted by local media said that “the road to the north is dangerous, but it is more dangerous to live in Honduras’.

Preparations for the ‘devil’s caravan’

Last night when they began to gather from various departments near San Pedro Sula, migrants from the ‘devil’s caravan’ said they learned about this caravan through social networks, but that they do not know in which direction they are going to go, whether to Agua Caliente, in Ocotepeque or Corintos in Omoa Cortés, reported the Tribuna.

– Some media in Honduras have indicated that migrants who were returned from the first caravan and possibly others arriving from El Salvador have also joined this march.

With backpacks on their shoulders, the members of the ‘caravan of the devil’ will go to Guatemala, where only people who carry their personal documents and those who manage to enter (by some other method) will arrive. When they reach the Mexican border, they will be deported back to their home country, predicted the Tiempo Digital.

In a recent report issued by the Consular and Migratory Observatory of Honduras (Conmigho) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that same Central American country, it was estimated that from January 1 to 26, around 5,615 Hondurans demanded to enter Mexico in order to transit to the United States.

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