2 thoughts on “This Is A Major Development In The Obama Impeachment Drive”

  1. I do have some Questions to ask about our so called Politian’s in office be it republican or democrats. I do want to know what are they doing in office first of all? are they working for the voters ? Or are they their just to look like they are doing something? Or are they wasting time and looking like they are calling it work? Now I do want to know if they are Americans? Are they working to keep America strong and protect the Constitution of the United States? Now are they Americans or are they changing to the Muslims who want to take this country like Obama is trying to do? Now these are all legal Questions I am Asking. Or are they having a brink of the day? Now is the big Question of the day ,week, month also the year when in then hell are you all going to do what AMERICA Wants IMPEACH this none American or how long will you sit on your asses? Gentlemen and you broods get of you rears and Impeach this guy because I can not call him a president he is a Muslim Out to kill Washington. I and others want Obama sent back to where he came from.

  2. We have to kick these guys out of office be it republican or Democrats They have to impeach this none American and ship him back from where he came from Africa he is not a colored person he is a muslim that is a difference. Black fought for their right Obama wants to take them away. Mo dam way IMPEACH the whole bunch that back this none American bum. That means Democrats have to get kicked out of office or you voters will lost your rights.

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