Campbell Outlaws Free Speech for Impeach-Obama Overpass Protests

Pompous, self-important cadres of the Campbell (Wisconsin) Town Board pass ordinances repealing the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights for Impeach-Obama Overpass Protests. These public protectors prioritize the absolute safety of the community higher than freedom of speech. Collective public safety is one of the best excuses to deny citizens their individual rights. In spite of their several preemptive denials, one suspects that politics is indeed an overriding factor here.

They seem to enjoy the attention on the Internet and taking your calls. Let them know your opinion, civilly please. You can obtain contact information for the board members at this link.

Town Board – Campbell, Wisconsin

3 thoughts on “Campbell Outlaws Free Speech for Impeach-Obama Overpass Protests”

  1. When this happens, you move the protest to city hall and the restaurants and businesses they patronize. Rally outside city hall for two hours before the meeting and go inside. Read them the Bill of Rights.

    1. I would suggest trying, as a first step, to get that police chief to ticket you for protesting on the overpass and take it to a judge, with or without an attorney, to see, if he will dismiss it or not. We can take up a collection, if there is a fine.

      If they do try to enforce it, you could think about a lawsuit and also take up collection nationally to cover the cost. It would be good to try to make an example and test case of this.

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