New “Devil’s Caravan” To Be Launched This Friday (1/31/2020)

A new caravan of fake refugees is planned to start in El Salvador on January 31, 2020. The last caravan was repulsed the Mexican National Guard and many deported to their beloved homelands in Central America. Some of those, who were deported vow to join the new caravan and are calling it the “Devil’s Caravan” (Caravana del Diablo).   It will be interesting to see,  whether the recent National Guard action will discourage such future caravans.

As a propaganda tactic, some have been calling the caravans the “Via Crucis Migrante”, the Migrant Way of the Cross. This new name, Devil’s Caravan, reflects much better the real intent of the caravans.

The fake refugee caravans have much influenced by liberation theology and pagan religious traditions of the Mayas and Aztecs, both of which are diabolical.  Some of the organizers are also progressive, Alinsky-style organizers.  Saul Alinsky, of course, openly acknowledged “Lucifer” as the source of inspiration for his organizing methods.  This is not an attempt to promote religious fundamentalism, just pointing to apparent inspirations and motivations of the caravan organizers.


They display the Honduran flag, because they are marching against the US, which they see as the oppressor of Honduras.  They are not marching in support of the US.

Revolutionary liberation theology has a long history in central America and it’s asserting its influence once again in the caravan movement, which is revolutionary in nature, not a real refugee movement seeking relief.  Some of the caravaners may really be suffering, whether they would qualify as refugees or not, but they are also being used by political radicals as a battering ram to further a revolutionary agenda.  The great majority do not qualify as “refugees” and most of them do not even claim to be refugees according to our law. Most of them say they are coming to work and to improve their living standard, but these are not qualifications for obtaining asylum by law.

The fake refugees have pretty much worn out their welcome in Mexico. You can go to the original post and see the many sarcastic comments from Mexicans, here. Click on “see translation” under the comment to read in English.  You can also search for the “Caravana Migrante” page on Facebook.

Hondurans do not willingly eat beans and some of the refugees are notorious for their feelings of entitlement and ungratefully complaining about the food given to them to eat in Mexico.

In recent weeks with United Nations support, huge refugee shelters have just been completed very in population centers south of the border all along the border.  This is thought to also be an incentive for the fake refugees to start coming again.  Many thousands of them can be well housed, fed and receive medical aid now until they find a way to cross the border.

Here is video of the last Caravan of January 15, being actively disrupted by the National Guard.  The bulk of them were eventually turned back.  Some may have continued north individually or in small groups.


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  1. Real refugees, huh? Throwing rocks at what they hope to be an accommodating host? Biting the hand that would feed it if it were in real distress.

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